Refined Baklava

Baklava has always been a huge part of my life. Having been raised in London by Cypriot parents we would always look forward to special occasions where we could indulge in some Baklava. When I visited Cyprus as a child I spent much time on my grandparents farm. In the front garden stood a Mandarin tree, it was the light sweet taste of its fruit which provided the inspiration for our unique citrus syrup. Many years later I sat in my grandparents garden eating the delicious fruit when the idea for Refined Baklava was born. I returned home with copies of family recipes and I started working on these, with one simple aim, bringing the excitement of Baklava to those back home with western taste buds in mind. Refined Baklava lovingly combines Mediterranean freshness and Ottoman decadence, to bring our customers a exquisite treat like no other. Come on your very own Bak'lover' journey, fully registered and insured, delivering around Dartford and Gravesend. All prices include delivery Much Love Zehra X

Food Hygiene

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