Berkson Bakes

Hello, I'm Sarah! With a lifelong love of all things sweet, I had always been keen to pursue a career in cake-making, and so I trained as a pastry chef, working initially in restaurants, then later moving on to cake shops. Wanting to spend even more time with my oven as opposed to someone else's, I launched my own business, Berkson Bakes, in 2013. Being diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2014 – potentially a baker’s worst nightmare – presented a huge challenge to my cake-making, but I'm certainly not one to accept defeat, so I'm on a mission to bring excellent gluten-free sweet treats to the market, ensuring that those who can’t eat gluten don’t feel they’re missing out! All of Berkson Bakes' delicious goodies are hand-made with love and care by me myself in my home kitchen in Brighton, on the south coast of England. The premises are registered with Brighton and Hove City Council, and have been awarded a 5* food hygiene rating. I will happily hand deliver cakes and bakes to Brighton and surrounding areas. All prices quoted include delivery .

Food Hygiene

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