How can we help you- What to expect when ordering cakes online.

How do I choose a baker?

Firstly, you input the postcode of the person you would like to receive the cake,

This will return a search of bakers available to deliver in the area you have selected. You choose the baker, select the product, checkout and pay. This information is sent through to the baker to bake and deliver.


What will recipient see?

When the cake is delivered the recipient will get a card detailing all the ingredients, the front of that card has the message you have indicated at checkout, together with storage instructions.  Also on the card is a link to our feedback page.

Will the cake look like what I can see on the site?

All bakers have had to upload cakes they have previously baked in the past, and therefore are their own creations. As the nature of the site is homemade, all items cannot be guaranteed to look exactly the same, but the bakers will endeavour to bake as displayed.

How can I ensure the items are hygienic and safe?

All bakers on the site have been registered with their local authority and have full public and products liability insurance. These are checked by Mums Bake Cakes prior to allowing anyone onto the site.  All cakes must be delivered in hygienic boxes, and as the mileage the bakers cover have been requested by them, the distance will be minimal.

Are the ingredients listed?

Due to national legislation all products sold must have ingredients detailed and any allergies highlighted. MBC has set much of the ‘normal’ ingredients on the site, with allergies highlighted.

As the recipient will not see the lists on the site, MBC has supplied all bakers with calling cards which list ingredients on them.

How do I upload a logo or picture?

Some of the bakers have a facility to accept uploaded photos and logos which can be printed onto the cake. This facility is indicated on the bakers site and if shown is available. Please feel free to contact Mums Bake Cakes direct should you have a requirement that currently the site cannot fulfil as we have many bakers awaiting clearance and we may have one available for the date you need.

Why do some people have more choice than in my area?

All bakers decide on their preferred baking skills, and therefore all areas have different bakers offering different items. If there is something specific you are looking for please contact Mums Bake Cakes and we will endeavour to contact our professional bakers and discuss your requirements. Many bakers have additional skills and preferences of what they like to bake.

Are there any additional charges?

The site shows the actual price you will pay. There are no additional charges for delivery unless the baker has attempted a re-delivery and has been unable to fulfil the delivery

What if the person isn’t in?

Where ever possible we would like customers to supply a contact telephone number, which will be supplied to the baker to confirm a delivery time. We understand in some instances this may be a surprise gift and Mums Bake Cakes has supplied each baker with a ‘tried to deliver cards’ where the recipient is given the option to call to re-arrange delivery or collection.

What if they are unable to deliver an order?

Wherever possible MBC expects orders to be completed within the timescales indicated by the customer, and wherever possible bakers are required to try all possible options to fulfil the order. Should an unexpected problem occur bakers are required to call MBC on 0330 055 7057 at the earliest convenience to allow MBC to contact the recipient and arrange alternatives.  The cake can obviously be only held until it’s consume by date and all costs relating to the cake would still be payable. Any additional assistance for delivering the cake would be welcomed by the bakers, and can be highlighted when checking out.

How soon can I order?

All orders will be placed with a minimum of 2 days ahead, to allow bakers the chance to bake, however, the sooner the order the more time the baker can prepare. Some items listed will show additional days to create and these bakers need this time to create these beautiful items. Should you require an earlier date, please contact Mums Bake Cakes and we will endeavour to contact the baker and discuss your preferred delivery date.

When can I speak to MBC?

MBC office hours are 9am to 5pm. And can be contacted in the first instance on, which easily identifies you as a customer requesting assistance, or on 0330 055 7057. In an emergency after office hours please call the office and leave a message with a contact number on the answerphone and assistance will be given at the earliest opportunity.

What if something goes wrong?

Please contact via e-mail or call 0330 055 7057 and explain the problem, in as much detail as possible and MBC will deal promptly and professionally with your query.




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