Beautiful Cakes Hand Delivered in Epsom

Epsom hosts some fantastic cake makers, creating corporate cupcakes, cupcake bouquets, birthday cakes, celebration cakes or just because cakes! Hand delivered in London using the best local ingredients perfecting recipes for Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy free, eggless and all dietary requirements. See our Epsom bakers below and their amazing cake talents- ‘probably’ the best tasting cakes in Epsom’.

The bakers only create the cakes, once the order is placed- therefore you can be involved in the design, making a truly bespoke gift. Why not arrange to have your cupcakes delivered by one of our local bakers in Epsom.

Our bakers have turned their passion into a business and create their cakes for all occasions with a passionate desire to spread happiness and thrive in seeing you enjoy their cakes- whether for a retirement party, baby shower, birthday or corporate event using company logos their attention to detail ensures customer satisfaction.

Order today to secure the date you want the cakes or cupcakes delivered in Epsom.

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