Looking for a Birthday Cake Deliveries in London?

Looking for cakes delivered in London? Our Professional London bakers create amazing cakes, from Birthday Cakes, Corporate Cupcakes,  Company Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes, Christening Cakes and all types of Celebration cakes. Many of the cakes can be adapted to suit various allergies and preferred flavours.

Whether you are looking for Vegan Cakes, Halal Cakes, Eggless cakes, Gluten Free Cakes, Dairy Free or Lactose Intolerant. Let us know and we'll help find your perfect cake delivery in London. All bakers deliver in their local area in London so your cakes arrive fresh and delivered by hand. 

What is Mums bake cakes? 

Mums Bake Cakes is an online cake marketplace where you can order delightful homemade baked goods online and get them delivered by the bakers who created them. With hundreds of registered budding bakers located all across the UK, you can experience a scrumptious cake delivered to your door. At Mums Bake Cakes, we are confident that you will find something truly delicious, including gluten-free and vegan options. All our cake makes in London are registered with their local authority and are fully insured, giving you the peace of mind you expect.

I'm looking for a birthday cake delivered in London. How does it work? 

Ordering your birthday cake delivery in London is literally a piece of cake. The first thing to do would be to visit the cake ordering page and enter the recipient's postcode in the search box. This will give you results sharing all of the cakes and options that can be delivered within your local area. Then add the delicious offering you have chosen to your basket and pay for your purchase. You can also add a note that could say “happy birthday” “we miss you” or declare your undying love for someone. The choice is yours. The baker will then set about getting to work to create what you have ordered. Before you know it, the lucky recipient will receive a delivery of the cake you ordered. 

What will the recipient receive? 

The recipient of your order will receive the cake or baked option you have chosen along with any chosen request of message and personalisation. Each cake will be delivered in a beautiful presentation box, and will also include a list of ingredients so that you can feel confident in the choice you have made, especially if there are any dietary requirements etc. Last of all, there will be the Mums Bake Cakes card that can be personalised with your message. It really is as simple as that. 

What happens if the baker is unable to deliver an order? 

Unfortunately, there can be circumstances in which a baker is unable to deliver an order. If a telephone number has been given, the baker will usually call in the first instance to arrange a suitable time of delivery and manage their expectations accordingly. If the cake is intended to be a surprise gift, and the baker is unable to deliver your cake, they will firstly attempt to deliver to a neighbour, and leave a card with the recipient to explain what they have done and where. 

In some cases, if the baker was unable to find a neighbour or suitable options, then they will leave a “tried to deliver” card requesting that the recipient call them to arrange a suitable delivery time. If you are needing the number, then you can call Mums Bake Cakes directly on 0330 055 7057. Of course, it is important that the delivery take place as soon as possible, as it can only be held until its use-by date and all costs relating to the cake itself would still be payable. Any additional assistance needed when it comes to delivery of the cake will be welcomed information, and there is an area upon checkout where you can give delivery information. Including narrow street or parking issues, or even a preference of a neighbour if a delivery attempt is likely to fail. 

Do you offer gluten free / vegan cakes/ Specialist ingredients? 

Vegan and gluten free options are available when it comes to ordering cakes through Mums Bake Cakes. In truth, Mums Bake Cakes has one of the largest selections of gluten free and vegan cakes available online. Which means you are bound to find something that you like. It is also worth noting, that many of our cake makers in London can adapt their cakes to suit just about any dietary requirements. All you need to do is ask!

How do I get a bespoke birthday cake made to my design?

There is an option where you can get a bespoke cake made to a design. Some of our bakers will be happy to accept uploaded photos and logos which can then be printed on to the cake. Of course, this isn’t going to be available on every cake, so you will need to look out for the “photo upload” graphic that will be displayed on the product listing. However, if you would like more information then you can contact Mums Bake cakes directly should you have a request that you are unsure can be fulfilled or are not sure how to make such a request. We have many bakers not only on our website but are also awaiting clearance, so we may have one available for the date you need in the future who could help. 

 You can always ask the baker direct, and they will always try to help.

Are the cakes high quality?

All bakers have uploaded pictures of cakes they have created previously, and therefore you can be confident in the quality of the cakes they create, they are also showing feedback and ratings gained from customers, and you can see the comments shown on their sites too. 

All Bakers have a food standards rating, and have all been checked by the Mums Bake Cakes team, therefore they are complying with the strict UK Health And Hygiene Laws.

For more information about our birthday cake deliveries in London get in touch with us here. 

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