Our cupcake delivery process

Understanding how Mums Bake Cakes works is quite challenging as we have professional bakers across the UK and they all deliver in their local areas. So if you wanted to arrange to have birthday cupcakes delivered to a friend in another part of the UK, you pop in the postcode of your friend and the bakers who deliver in that are will be displayed, you choose from what they have to offer and they will deliver the cup cakes you've chosen on the date you want them delivere

Your friend would meet the baker as all our cake makers’ work within a 5-mile radius. So wherever your friend is we usually have a baker in their area and you can see some tasty treat they have on offer.

What personalised cupcakes can we produce?

When looking through the cupcake selections you can often personalise the designs or flavours and all the cupcakes will be delivered with a message card- so do let us know what you would like written on the message card, and all cupcakes will be given an ingredients card too detailing all the ingredients in the cupcakes

Some of the bakers are specialist bakers who create Vegan cupcakes, Gluten free cupcakes, Eggless Cupcakes or dairy Free cupcakes, but it really depends on the area you want the cupcakes delivered to, for which bakers create the specialist cakes. Do contact us if you can't see a specific dietary requirement and we will double-check this with our bakers on your behalf.

Did you always think a cupcake was a bit of buttercream swirl on the top of a cupcake- well you'll be amazed at the cupcake designs on offer now,

These include:-

- Cupcake bouquets, which look like flowers an example here from Kent to show you the designs, all designs can be adapted to your favourite colours and bouquets available in sizes 7 cupcakes, 12 cupcakes or 19 cupcakes

- Alcoholic cupcakes which include a variety of flavours most popular being gin and tonic, or Prosecco and strawberry but so many to choose from take a look here from Edinburgh some amazing flavour combinations

- Picture cupcakes where you can have a photo placed on top of a cupcakes and often a variety of photos would be available take a look here at some available in Sheffield

- Logo cupcakes or corporate cupcakes can be designed with budgets in mind, for the high end corporate cupcakes the logos are placed on icing discs and can be separately boxed so ideal as a corporate gift, for clients or staff or alternatively the iced logo placed directly on the cupcake and supplied in large boxes for events to be devoured and the message digested! 

- Giant Cupcakes which can be served to feed numerous people (usually around 10 people) can be served from a giant cupcake and the toppings can be coloured to your favourite colours see here some giant cupcake designs in Hertford 

- Wedding cupcakes can always be relied upon to be enjoyed whether as alternative to the main wedding cake or served alongside, with a multitude of flavours every gets to choose a different flavour. See here from Swindon a selection of wedding cupcakes, where the extra detail in the design, the matching of your colour scheme for the wedding, the special cupcake cases which have a wedding feel all add to the special wedding cupcakes.

- Messages and wording on cupcakes is another popular choice where you may want to ask a question or announce something or just say sorry, with many messages can be portrayed on cupcakes when delivered to your door.

- Normal cupcakes - of course there are the 'normal' cupcakes from vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavours, but there are also cream cheese topping or swiss cream toppings see some swiss cream topping here from Colchester-  the range available is amazing- so do take your time, check your postcode area first as this will give you the choice available in your recipient area.

That’s not all we do. We provide bespoke birthday cake delivery, Christening cupcakes and baby shower cupcakes!

Where do we deliver cupcakes?

So what personalised cupcakes would be available in my area? With so many cupcake designs available and so many bakers catering for specific allergies and intolerances and so many combinations available do check here and put in the postcode of your recipient and you will see what is available in the area of the person receiving the cupcakes. You can check your area here below to see the bakers and if you can't see what you're looking for do contact us and we'll always try to help.

Although the cupcakes can look easy to make- that’s because our professional bakers are creating them all the time. The bakers are incredibly busy, so once you have an idea of what you want, do book the cupcakes as quickly as possible as the bakers will put your order in their diaries. If their are any questions with your order the bakers and us will come back to you as quickly as possible to clarify anything you may have written on the order form, if we're happy with all you have booked, you will receive a confirmation that we have accepted the order and you can await the cupcake delivery.

When checking out, if you want to ask for a preferred delivery time (morning, afternoon etc) our bakers can see all the details you write on the order form, and will always try to work with your requests, and obviously if they are unable to accommodate your request we welcome back to you to clarify our understanding.

We want you to be perfectly happy with your order, as we know your recipient will be amazed with the birthday cupcakes delivery and enjoy the gift of cupcakes from far away!

  • Key in Postcode


  • Choose cake


  • Order and pay


  • Receive cake