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Ever thought of arranging Logo Cupcakes or Corporate Cakes with your logo on, but logistically thought it would be a nightmare to arrange? Mums Bake Cakes put you in touch with professional, local bakers, so you can place a personalised order for your business and get the cake you need. Great Corporate Gift ideas delivered by Hand!

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Personalised Business & Corporate Cakes made for you

Mums Bake Cakes provide exceptional corporate cakes and cakes for businesses that can be baked for your unique needs. Whether you’re using our cake in your marketing, looking to schmooze potential clients, a retirement cake or simply require some sweet treats at a business meeting, our corporate cakes are the delicious solution you need.

Christmas is the ideal time to arrange corporate gifts for clients, and what better way than delivered by Hand. Supporting local professional bakers- one email-one solution to your Corporate gift needs!
We’ve previously supplied cupcakes for launches of products, office Christmas cakes, thank you cakes and paternity leave cakes.. They’re also the perfect alternative gift to share in an office or business environment. Rather than rushing out when it's someones birthday why not pre-arrange the cakes, which will be delivered to you on the days required! Leave the 'remembering' to us!  Why not arrange to celebrate all the birthdays in the office once a month and have a selection supplied to you on a regular basis- I'm sure the teams can always find an excuse for cake!
Our fully qualified and professional bakers can work in line with your strict requirements, and we’d be happy to bake a cake that perfectly fits your vision. We put you in touch with local bakers to your business location, so your cake can be delivered to you in a timely fashion. Whether you’re looking for bespoke cupcakes, celebration cakes or novelty cakes, you’re bound to find the perfect cake with us.  

With one email, we can arrange to deliver across the UK all our corporate cakes and Logo cakes..where as a corporate gift or a tasty treat!

Why Use Mums Bake Cakes?

Mums Bake Cakes is the only company offering this service nationwide. Mums Bake Cakes has a network of professional bakers who create unique and  corporate cake designs for your business.
All our bakers are fully registered with local authorities, and bakers must fully comply with local authority and UK health and hygiene laws. They are also fully insured so that you can purchase with confidence.
“I can't thank you and all the bakers enough for this, the feedback from every client is fantastic, we couldn't have done it without your ‘out of this world’ organisation. Feels good to have them all wrapped up!”

Questions to ask about our Corporate and Logo Cakes:

1) What Information do you need from us?

A: All we need from your teams are the postcodes that you want the cake or cupcakes delivered to and how many of each one to each postcode. As we use local professional bakers we can accommodate any number of cakes and cupcakes across the country. We will ensure the right number of cakes goes to the right location.

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2) How much time do you need to get the online cake order completed?

A:- As much time as possible! As we individually contact each baker  on your behalf, we need to ensure they have the availability and the skills required to complete your order. Where-ever possible we will reduce the number of bakers and utilise bakers to deliver a number of clients at the same time. This helps to reduce costs for you the client also.

3) How will the cakes be delivered?

A:- Each cake or cupcakes are delivered in hygienic boxes and delivered to the reception area or nominated person for delivery

4) Can I put our company Logo on the cupcakes?

A:- Yes absolutely. If you want a cake delivery to just one location the bakers will arrange the printing of the logo themselves, as many do have icing printers and therefore will suit shorter timescales. With a multi-drop cake order and multiple bakers, Mums Bake Cakes arranges the printing of logos to ensure all have the same quality of icing paper, same colour scheme and same size. This ensures uniformity across the UK for multi-drops.

5) Can I put a message with the cakes?

A:- Yes Absolutely. All our bakers hold delivery message cards which can be completed with the order and the message will be delivered with the cakes. Alternatively, you can send the cards or sales messages to one central point and Mums Bake Cakes will distribute to each baker to be delivered with their cakes.

6) What if someone has an allergy?

A:- All cakes delivered by Mums Bake Cakes bakers carry an ingredients card, where the baker has indicated the ingredients being used in the cakes. However, if you are aware of an allergy prior to booking the cakes, please inform Mums Bake Cakes and we can commission the allergy bakers to cover specific locations for you.

5) Can we make the cakes unique?

A:- Mums Bake Cakes bakers are capable of creating bespoke cakes, and if you have a design in mind the bakers will endeavour to copy to a similar standard. However, these bakers are NOT robots, and each cake is hand made giving the true uniqueness of homemade, fresh and using quality ingredients. Should you be celebrating a Birthday and want a corporate Birthday cake, or a retirement and want a specific retirement cake this can be organised for you and made uniquely for your event.

6) How can I ensure the corporate cupcakes and corporate cakes all look the same when delivering to multiple locations?

A:- Ensuring the corporate branding and identity is still the same, whilst allowing numerous bakers to create the cakes, adds to the enjoyment as the cakes are delivered. Similarities can be acheived as Mums Bake Cakes has previously sourced the same ribbon to go round the cake boxes ( thus ensuring the colour, size, width etc, was all the same). Logos printed by a central point ensures uniformity with the brand, together with items supplied by the client for the bakers to deliver ( card/ sales messages etc.). Many customers and recipients enjoy the feeling of supporting their local economy, and seeing corporate businesses supporting local businesses is indeed a great story for the local teams.

7) How will I keep control of the order?

A:-Throughout the process you will have one point of contact, they will keep you up dated on when the cake deliveries have been completed and photo evidence of the cakes as they are delivered. Should any issues arise with the deliveries, you will be immediately informed.

8) Can lots of areas get the cakes delivered on the same day?

A:-Absolutely, yes. This is the beauty and uniqueness of Mums Bake Cakes, where we can commission hundreds of bakers to deliver in their local area on a specific day and as the cake deliveries are completed we can confirm immediately that they have been received.

9) What are the payment terms?

A:- As these cakes are created bespoke with your corporate logo on them, or a company image and colour scheme, we ask for 50% of the payment at the time of the booking, this can be done via the site using a Credit or debit card or can be invoiced and payment made via BACs. The remaining 50% is expected to be paid on confirmation of delivery of the cakes.

10) What flavours can I have?

A:- As a rule of thumb, most businesses arrange vanilla cupcakes or chocolate cupcakes, as a safe option that the majority of the staff or customers will enjoy these flavours.

11) What events have you supplied cakes for?

A:- Cakes delivered across the UK, can be used for all occasions- who doesn't like cakes! Our most popular events have been the following:-

a. Corporate Launch of a product- often a large cake with picture of logo/ new product

b. Christmas cupcakes to say Thank you for the business

c. Afternoon tea booked for staff to enjoy whilst having a staff meeting

d. Retirement cakes depicting the lives of the person retiring- Caravan cakes, dog walking cakes, mountaineering cakes, cycling cakes. Bespoke cakes are definitely welcomed for the long serving members of staff

e. New baby cupcakes for a family on paternity and maternity leave

f. Mini cupcakes to hand out to clients using corporate identity of corporate colours.

g. Thank you cakes, whether cupcakes to staff or customers - cupcakes delivered to offices or home addresses is a lovely surprise for the recipient.

h. An alternative corporate gift often with a sales message which is enjoyed and digested



 All bakers are Fully registered with their Local authority- complying with UK health and Hygiene Laws and Fully Insured.

All items supplied with full ingredients list 

Therefore purchasing with confidence using a One Stop Shop- where we take the hassle out of arranging corporate gifts!

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