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We sell cookies- try them they’re lovely- but we also use them to give you the best experience on our website

Cookies Policy
1.     What are cookies and what does do with the information it receives from these cookies?
2.     How you can disable cookies- although not recommended by us

What are cookies?
Our servers will communicate with your computer or device to enable you to access information about our site. Whilst communicating with your devices a harmless cookie is sent to your device allowing us to identify your computer, but not the actual user. This information tracks your use of the site and often will only last for the time you are on the site. No personally identifiable information is held in the cookies.

By continuing you are consenting to our use of our cookie settings and understand how to manage the settings and preferences.

Cookies enable mumsbakecakes Ltd to understand the ‘user experience’ and help to identify trends and improve performance of the site. There are a variety of cookies that are used and their explanation is detailed below:-

_ga 2 years - Used to distinguish users.

_gat 10 minutes - Used to throttle request rate.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies allow you to access the full features of the website, including checking out, payment options and delivery details. This will also determine which device you are viewing the site on and amend accordingly.

  • hh_as
  • hh_os, wl-hh_os
  • z
  • w
  • oc

Performance Cookies

This helps us to improve your experience of our site, establishing how you found us and what you searched for. This will identify any errors during usage and help to improve performance of the site.

NO personal information is held on these cookies, we just get to see what numbers and experiences have been received.

  • Dvml
  • Dvf
  • Iss
  • Hhmf
  • Hh-1
  • Hh-2
  • Hh-r
  • Iphone-app-adv
  • Sitewarning
  • Mpi-hide
  • Mli-hide
  • SubscribeCanceled
  • Fbs_...
  • Fbsr_...
  • Re
  • C_user
  • Datr
  • Locale
  • Lu
  • S
  • Xs
  • HSID
  • NID
  • PREF
  • SID
  • SSID
  • BEAT
  • ULS
  • Gudfn
  • Gudsh

Targeting Cookies

These cookies offer you customised browsing based on your interests both in this website and some others too. These cookies may also link to social media sites such as facebook, twitter etc. where advertising agencies may target what your interests are on these sites.

  • _utma
  • _utmb
  • _utmc
  • _utmv
  • _utmz
  • WRignore
  • _jsuid
  • First_pv_...
  • _aw_m_...
  • Awin
  • Mxmroi
  • _ga 
  • _gat 

For more information about this and how to turn it off please visit:

Disabling Cookies- NOT RECOMMENDED BY US!

For more information about managing your cookies please contact By blocking or deleting cookies on our site, you may not be able to access the full details of the site. Please see our PRIVACY POLICY which outlines what we do with the information.