thinking of you card
Thursday January 4th 2018

cakes are great to share

Here are some of our talented bakers creations, for the bakers in your area follow HERE and put in your postcode to see the ama...

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Barney Rubble designed sponge cake for a special Birthday
Monday November 6th 2017

Barney Rubble 3D cake For more 3D designs from Sylvia here To check out bakers across the ...

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Circular Logo of Mums Bake Cakes with brown background and blue and beige writing
Thursday September 28th 2017

joining mums bake cakes

Bakers.......thinking of joining Mums Bake Cakes? Thank you for continuing to follow our journey, and we hope you will join us ...

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thumbs up sign from a  hand
Monday August 7th 2017

Cake Business in The UK

HOMEPAGE Cake makers have a Great Reputation- Let’s ensure it stays that way!- Let’s ensure customers ask- bakers ...

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cartoon character of person throwing money in the air
Friday August 4th 2017

So you really want a cake?

HOMEPAGE Skills not as good as ideas?.......suggestions but not sure ?........ So you think you can design this?............a...

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baby shower cupcakes with pink and blue toppings
Monday July 31st 2017

Is it your birthday today?

HOMEPAGE You share your birthday with around 19 million people around the world. Although late September and early October are...

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