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why are we the No. 1 site for cakes

Why are we the Number 1 site across the UK for Cakes

We’d like to show you how Mums Bake Cakes has worked well for a baker in Newquay, in Cornwall.

Susan Asten from Cake Corner 42, Newquay, initially wondered how Mums Bake Cakes could help her business in her local area. Being in a small town, with a shop premises most locals know her, she has other bakers local to her and are ticking along quite nicely- so why would someone use a ‘finder’ service like Mums Bake Cakes to have cakes delivered in her area.


Research across the UK shows that over 45% people now live away from their home town, often these people will return home to visit family and friends, but the old network of having the support of your family on your doorstep day to day is slowly dwindling as careers move further afield. 

During key moments in their lives these people will often return to their home areas, whether to return to marry, return to celebrate family events often introducing new members of the family to where they grew up! These events are often celebrated with Birthday Cakes, Retirement cakes, Christening cakes  and tasty treats. 

These people although still with a link to the local community in their heart, realise they don’t have the ‘old’ contacts that they used to have, and this is where Susan has established a link with the past for Brides returning to the area.

Through Mums Bake Cakes  Susan has been contacted by brides returning to Newquay to marry where their search for a Wedding cake maker began elsewhere in the country- by establishing a link with Mums Bake Cakes, brides were able to link up with Susan for tasting sessions that coincided with visits to venues and pre-planning of the wedding. Susan offered tasting sessions which can include various flavours from traditional Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon, to newer flavours such as Red velvet, Elderflower and Lemon from a recent Royal Wedding. 

People living a distance from family and friends, often want to support their old communities and will look at ways of helping to regenerate their old areas, needing to arrange gifts back to the hometown for family members, this sort of service allows them to arrange cakes or cupcakes as gifts, from anywhere in the world knowing they are supporting the local community and their family members get a tasty treat delivered to them by hand from a local person!


Being a Top holiday destination has also earned Susan numerous online cake orders where special celebrations are being organized whilst on holiday. The top UK holiday destinations are  Cornwall, Devon  and Bournemouth  followed closely by Rural locations such as The Lake District, Scottish Highlands  and The Cotswolds with over £31billion spent in the UK  and with the Brexit uncertainty and an amazing past year for the weather- more people are looking to stay in the UK this next year and explore the delights of this country.  Many UK destinations are also now better able to cope with inclement weather. On a recent visit to North Wales we were amazed at the attractions suitable for teenagers that test their endurance, their fitness and overall enjoyment levels that exceeded expectations.

Whether planning a romantic weekend away, a family fortnight on the beach or returning to a holiday home you own, when a birthday or special occasion falls in those dates, it’s lovely to support the local community to where you’ll be. Using Mums Bake Cakes has allowed people to pre-book their celebration cakes before travelling and allowing Susan to deliver them upon their arrival on the date requested, and as Susan has the knowledge of the area she has already spoken to campsite office, hotel manager and restaurant owners to ensure the cake is retained as a surprise for the guest arriving!

So what do our customers ask us when they are thinking of arranging to have a cake delivered? 

1) How do the cakes get delivered?

The cakes are all delivered in hygienic cake boxes, each baker delivers in their own 5-10 mile radius and the baker who created the cake(s) delivers it. The bakers enjoy the delivery as much as the recipient enjoys receiving the tasty treats- where a Birthday cakes, or cupcakes they are delivered with pride by the baker that made it.

2) How much is the Birthday cake or cupcakes?

Each baker creates the cake based on your specification, on the website you can see what is available in the area that you are visiting or want the cake delivered to and the price you see advertised includes delivery. As each baker is local it is free delivery. Each cake is made uniquely once the order has been placed.

3) Can I have a cake NOT shown on the site?

Our bakers have only shown a selection of the cakes they have available, and many will create wedding cakes, custom made birthday cakes, mother's day cakes, christening cakes and cakes for all celebrations- just drop us an email to and we can find the baker who can create what you are looking for.



Here's what our customers had to say about the service and quality of the cakes supplied by Susan:-

I was going on holiday to Cornwall and it was my sons birthday while we were there we needed a cake and didn’t want to travel down with one as the car was already packed and we wanted it fresh. I approached mums bake cakes and they put me in touch with a lady from the town we were visiting on holiday who made us the most amazing cake! She even delivered it to our camp site! It was a really easy no fuss way of getting a fresh cake made to order while we planned the rest of the big day!
I would highly recommend these guys. My son loved his PlayStation cake and we were all still eating it a week later it was still so fresh! Kerry- London

We asked Susan what she thought about joining Mums Bake Cakes as a baker

Mums Bakes Cakes has brought me a lot of business from people holidaying in and around Newquay that would possibly never of heard of me without their help.

Through wedding cake orders from Mums Bake Cakes I have made a lot more contacts in the hotel trade that now also recommend me for other events when groups and people book in their hotel.

My name as a cake maker is now getting known around holiday parks and guest houses from cake deliveries to their guests.

This is all extra business for me from places that would not necessarily know about me. I even received an order today !!

I would like to thank all the staff at Mums Bake Cakes ( with special reference to Paula, who never seems to stop working !!!) for all the work they have passed on.


So Mums Bake Cakes works in mysterious ways for our bakers on the site, and will be different for all areas- our bakers close to universities are delivering constantly to students as their parents send them cakes to keep them fed with tasty goodies ‘just like mum used to make!’


So....whenever you're thinking of a gift.....think cake!....think  Mums Bake Cakes- just like your mum used to make! 

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