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Why are some Cake Makers SO busy?

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If you’re just starting out on your cake making business it can often seem like some people are really busy in your local area, and you may feel that you are not as busy.

The established cake makers have spent a long time establishing their business and reputation and it won’t happen just overnight- however good your cakes are- people need to know you are around and be able to find you. Don’t lose heart- find a way!

Established businesses have developed their database and can remarket to them via emails and Facebook when special events are available. Often various sales techniques are on display too-people buy with their eyes and cakes CAN be a ‘spur of the moment’- such as ‘get a deal on cakes that haven’t been collected’ or ‘give impression of cooked too many.’ Established cake makers invested in their time, making, photographing, testing recipes and customer feedback- it won’t happen overnight!



They often will begin to specialise once they have established their core market and expertise- cake pops are definitely an art form where many bakers feel these are a chore- however a cake pop specialist has ‘honed’ their skills and can develop strategies and costings that will turn their business profitable.

Wedding Cake suppliers have tried and tested methods, with years of refining skills and consultations with brides, the time taken and intricate work involved commands higher prices, often wedding cake makers will quote for significantly more cakes than they actually receive in orders and will book up many months sometimes years in advance. Time spent liaising with brides, set up and eventual perfection for the wedding day are all taken into consideration for wedding cakes. This can prove a viable option for many cake makers, with larger value orders during the summer months and being much busier than the winter months where attentions will turn to celebration cakes and wedding fayres ready for the following year.



Cupcake makers will often receive smaller value orders but on a regular basis, with specific times of the year commanding enormous volumes- as an example on Mothers Day we have heard of 80 cupcake bouquets going out from 1 baker at average price of £50 per bouquet. Historically cupcake makers will look to develop their styles and flavours with some amazing combinations from tried and tested recipes.

Cupcake/ biscuit parties are often a favourite for children and hen parties and can often result in some great recommendations for future commissions. Halls can be booked and often many schools look for outside companies to offer events.

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Bespoke celebration cakes are a specific market to focus attentions, unfortunately time spent on celebration cakes is not always appreciated by the consumer when ‘value brand’ cakes are available in major supermarkets. The area for celebration cakes needs to be set wider and often once one has ‘infiltrated’ a group the group will often use the same baker time and again- this is time spent developing and posting cakes on line to show the styles and adaptations available. Keeping up with children’s trends and posting relevant cakes is one way to develop this style.

So how can you develop a cake business when there is already someone in your area? Look at all the ways to market for free, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest. When confident on your area- look to specialise, this will keep costs down as you can purchase your equipment in bulk (boxes/boards/ bows etc.) Have business cards ready to hand out, get people to follow you on Facebook. Remarket to customers via Facebook with recent cake pictures and ‘on trend’ subjects. Make it easy for people to buy from you.


There is NO one quick solution to building a reputation, always ask for feedback (it is daunting for everyone), it’s how you deal with the feedback that is important- Thank them for positive feedback and appreciate all comments received and look at the best ways for a resolution if negative feedback is obtained. You can’t please all of the people all of the time!

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Always use your own photographs- using a watermark here's some ideas





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