Thursday February 16th 2017 | 14:17

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

I love you mom  in a heart for  mothers day message on black background


Whether biological or otherwise, we have all had a mother (mother figure) through our lives, and thinking of Mother’s Day this year has created many bitter sweet memories for me. Having lost my mother late last year, the poignancy of Mothers Day has brought up some very different emotions

For Mums who have lost a child, I am sure the feelings of ‘unjust’ rear up during this time of year, and our thoughts are with those families.

For many ladies through choice or circumstance who can't celebrate Mother’s Day and to you we hope you follow your dreams and achieve all that you want in the coming months.

For mums-to-be enjoy the ‘lie ins’ and we wish you well for the coming months.

For new mums- remind the dads that you are now a mum!

For our mums, take time to make them feel special- remember they CHOSE to be a mum!

With this week being ‘Random Act of Kindness Week’ maybe do something nice- not because of a specific day- but just because!

My mum always said ‘just be the best that you can be!’


Do you have any words of wisdom that your mum said to you?

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