Wednesday August 29th 2018 | 11:30

What do you buy a new Mum? Great gift ideas

What do you buy a New MUM? Some great gift ideas here!

Did you know September and October are the busiest months for birthdays, so inevitably it will be the busiest month for our new mums and dads, our hospital midwives and our baby suppliers.



Seeing a baby for the first time, everyone takes the gifts for the baby and there are some really great gifts for the child whether cuddly toys, the cutest clothes or the latest gadget!

So, we thought we’d take a look at the 5 most unusual gifts for the new Mum and Dad!



Once the baby has arrived - we loved the idea of a hamper called the ‘survival gift’ from Baskets Galore which has so many lovely gifts for the new mum. From bath soaks to hand cream from chocolates to a magazine the thoughtful nature of this hamper ensures the new mum takes some time to relax and enjoy the moment!

After having 9 months without alcohol we know many mums are really looking forward to ‘Prosecco time’ although should mum decide to Breastfeed this could still be on the back burner for a little while longer- so we loved the idea of Prosecco gummies but without the alcohol. Take a look here from Lakeland, again a lovely little treat for mum.

So how many of you new parents actually lived on takeaways for the first week? With the endless rounds of nappy changing, sleep deprivation, visitors and general coo’ing over the new born takes place-time just seems to ‘slip away!’ What a great gift idea for that new couple already prepared fresh food- take a look here for the first week of food! From cottage pie to vegetable lasagne another thoughtful gift for the new born parents!


New mums will treasure any small gift for the baby and will be looking for ways to mark the date of the birth with fond memories- whether through keeping the Newspaper of the day, detailing the star sign or looking for the best photo to be placed on display. We thought the little treasure pendant for someone with a pandora bracelet is a lovely personal gift for the new mum.


But lets not forget the new dad- he’s also spending sleepless nights wanting to show support, wanting to get involved but not necessarily knowing what and where to help.

My husband spent the first night on tenterhooks with our first born, Mollie when she was brought home- in her moses basket she snored really loudly so he couldn’t sleep and then when she was quiet he couldn’t sleep ‘cos he worried she’d stopped breathing!

So, wherever you can, try to include the partner in the gifts- this will definitely go down a treat, although it does seem that most partners enjoy the moment of watching the gifts for the child and the mother- but anything that could make their lives a little easier whether through homecooked meals, taking along some treats to share or generally offering some help- those first few weeks can be magical, daunting, despairing, exciting and draining so wherever you can offer your help to the new parents, it will be welcomed!