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What anniversary is what? Should you celebrate?

Anniversary writen in cursive writing

A short guide to anniversaries


An anniversary doesn’t necessarily have to be an anniversary of marriage, now-a-days with more people choosing to co-habit the importance of an anniversary, could and should be celebrated in the same way. Often people celebrate their first date, their moving in together date or their first memory of something special?! Whichever way you celebrate here’s the list of what the anniversary years represent.

1st is paper    11th is Steel         45th is Sapphire

2nd is cotton          12th is Silk/ Linen     50th is Golden

3rd is leather         13th is Lace           55th is Emerald

4th is fruit/flowers     14th is Ivory         60th is Diamond

5th is wood        15th is Crystal      65th is Blue Sapphire

6th is Iron        20th is China        70th is Platinum

7th is Wool    25th Is Silver  75th is Diamond and Pearl

8th is Bronze    30th is Pearl       80th is Oak

9th is  Pottery       35th is Coral

10th is Tin       40th is Ruby

But I can’t see CAKE on there? What a wonderful gift if you’re celebrating your anniversary whilst being apart -maybe through work or family commitments- why not arrange to have a cake delivered by hand from the baker who made it!

Or if you’re celebrating with a party, why not arrange a cake to be delivered to your venue, whilst you concentrate on the special person in your life and enjoy the party!

Here are some examples of anniversary cakes, that our bakers have done before. Get in touch with and we can help source that special cake.

 Happy anniversary from all of us here at Mums Bake Cakes!

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