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What a difference a year makes!

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Would you support local communities? Can you reduce the carbon footprint for gifts?

Mums Bake Cakes has just celebrated its 1st year anniversary and throughout this year there have been so many highs and lows to reflect upon and continue to learn from and strive for excellence in all that we do.

Some great moments started actually 18 months ago when we went out to bakers to ask for their guidance and interest in whether a proposition like this would help them in their businesses to cover ‘downtimes’ increase profits and generally aid their already thriving small businesses, whilst also asking whether the support of an international network would help bakers who were looking to turn their passion into a business. The overwhelming result exceeded all our expectations with over 4000 bakers responding, asking questions and generally supporting the concept in their droves.

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From this initial market research from bakers and analysis from consumers with the enormous team around us, we developed our product marketplace to attract consumers to the site.

With over 350 fully registered and insured bakers putting their faith in our service, we launched to the public and sales began to be generated through the site. As with all new products we needed to get the name out there, and with continued focus and determination the team set about announcing the arrival of this new concept- in ‘hand delivered by the baker who made it! ‘Supporting local communities!’ ‘Shortest distance from oven to mouth’ ‘Edible alternative to flowers’ ‘Why send a card when you can have a cake’ #youcanteatflowers, and many other simple tag lines. But the public just didn’t seem to get the concept…so we approached many, many editorial teams across the UK, appearing in ‘Take a Break’, in various local newspapers, local radio stations and daily updates to press and media teams across the UK.

Finally, someone listened and we went onto win a WOW award with Jacqueline Gold and finally the Great British Entrepreneur award-food and drink- the most unexpected award ever but a real testament to the hard work of the teams and once someone understood the concept really thought this was an inspirational idea.



With google analytics showing the growth of the site, with over 4000 visits a month the concept was beginning to hit home, still one year on this means at best 40k people from 52 million know we exist, and our journey has only just begun!

Richard, Paula and the team are working tirelessly to explain the concept day by day and sales are slowly being generated through the site, some bakers have earnt very well from the site, some areas have just begun to generate revenues and some areas are continuing to perform less than satisfactory and innovative approaches to market the concept continue to drive the team.

So the best bits- bakers trusting us and uploading over 7000 cakes and bakes onto our platform, winning awards for recognition of achievement. Sales generated from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada and France which have all been delivered in local areas across the UK. When feedback has been received 100% satisfaction from customers receiving cakes. Feedback from bakers who have seen the joy on recipients faces. Corporate clients arranging birthday cakes, monthly supplies of cakes, and cakes for marketing purposes.

The lows- volumes of customers using the site is lower than anticipated, personal feeling of letting down the bakers who have trusted us- striving us onwards to make a difference.

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The next step- to continue to drive sales through the site with added emphasis on awareness. To approach financial teams for additional support for marketing to the UK. To continue to drive the need for consumers to use fully registered and insured bakers. To gain maximum exposure through various mediums (press/tv/online media) to explain the concept-explain the benefits to local economies-to explain the quality-to explain the green issue (minimal miles of journeys).

This is a lifestyle product that is benefitting SO many people with so many benefits, once understood and used many customers go on to buy 3 times more.


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