Wednesday December 7th 2016 | 11:23

Welcome to our December Newsletter….

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Hi Bakers,

Firstly, May we wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New year!

As you follow our journey, we would like to introduce you to how our site is working for the bakers already on there. If you have decided that you are ready to join us, please click on the link below…..
Feedback ‘stars’ are starting to appear on the site, please encourage your recipients to complete feedback ( stars only appear after 3 replies have been received) when delivering your cakes using our cards there is a part at the bottom of each card asking for feedback. Feedback is incredibly difficult to get, as the recipients enjoy the cakes and then forget! So any help you can get is definitely beneficial for you and us overall.

Please remember to include YOUR business cards, as this is potentially another client for you with family members in the same area. What we would want is them to experience the Mums Bake Cake service and hope to use us again for a delivery further afield.

Sale of Goods Act
When purchasing through a website, there are many conditions relating to the security and ‘Sale of Goods Act’ which we have in place, but the biggest challenge for us is ensuring a baker confirms acceptance when an order is received, as a customer has already paid for the item and we have to confirm we do this by allowing 12 hours ( many orders are placed late at night!) before we confirm acceptance- that’s why it is vital a baker confirms acceptance as soon as possible. After a 4 hour period (earlier if overnight), you may receive a text from us asking you to check your bakers portal. Please confirm acceptance, as soon as possible, to adhere to the legislation.

Keep uploading!
We get many alternative requests- lemon meringue pie, sugar free, specific allergens- so please continue to update your sites with a selection of what is available from you.
As we go from strength to strength and your businesses develops with us we will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, our publicity will take a slight change with the inclusion of tags lines such as :- shortest distance between oven and mouth! Largest choice of cakes in one place! Lowest carbon footprint for mileage wherever possible! Big companies supporting small independent companies! Buy British! Support local communities across UK!
Clearly as we approach the key milestones, Valentines day, Mothers day please ensure you update your diaries, if you have your own clients to deal with and would be unable to fulfil any orders generated through our site.

Probably the most difficult part of a bakers page- please ensure you are pricing cakes at a reasonable amount- this is not a discount site and many bakers on here, do this fulltime and need to earn a decent living from baking, wherever we notice bakes/cakes at too low a price, we will speak with a baker and suggest increasing their prices. This site is designed to compete with online flower delivery companies who charge for deliveries.

If you are able to share this concept with family members and work colleagues, you have a great opportunity to help us to educate the UK. If you have an intranet site at work, or a notice board that you would be happy to display a small poster- please let us know and we can send some out to you.- Once people have understood the concept, it’s amazing how quickly they become customers on our site. Please support each other by sharing in your local area as many of us have family, friends, and colleagues who work/live in other ends of the country and may see this as a great opportunity for an alternative gift!

Again, please share with your baking friends, as they will not compete, as everyone chooses their diary, and therefore different bakers appear at different times of the week, offering different selections. Customers are spending quite a while going through the various selections on different bakers pages, and really searching for what they fancy.- so please share with your friends.

Kind regards

Paula and Richard

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