Thursday November 9th 2017 | 12:43

wedding cakes a 1st for us!

Wedding cake showing layers of sponge and fruit

A First For Mums Bake Cakes

Mums Bake Cakes has been capturing the imagination of many people over the past 2 years, where consumers are looking for THAT 'unusual' gift that says what they really want it to.

Cupcake bouquets have been going out to loved across the UK, where amazingly created cupcakes have been designed with messages on the top, or favourite flavour combinations have been adapted.

Companies have said Thank you to clients, and bosses are thanking staff, corporate birthdays and company launches have all been included in the vast amount of cakes, cupcakes and treats that have been hand delivered across the UK from the bakers who have made them.

This phenomenon has taken the teams here by storm and are daily more enamoured by the unusual and thoughtful messages that are displayed on the accompanying cards handed over with the cakes.

The bakers smile at the joy strewn across the recipients faces- when a loved one from faraway has arranged such a special treat. Our bakers have turned their passion into a business and what a 'feel good' business to be in. Customer responses have been amazing when seeing a gift or an unusual crafted cake depicting the real mood of the recipient and the sender.

With baby showers revealing the identity of the child and only our baker really knowing ( as she has created the colloured cake inside), to get well soon cakes to anniversay and Birthdays our bakers have seen it all!

Expats with family in the UK are supporting our local bakers and UK residents with family strewn across the country are using this service as a great way to send a thoughtful and enjoyable gift. Take a look here at what is on offer across the UK.

As we enter the next stage- we wanted to announce that one of our bakers has just secured the first Wedding cake of 2018. You all know this is not the area we focussed on, and has come from a by-product of the amazing creations, feedback and enjoyment our gift cakes are making to the UK. Why would you want someone else doing your wedding cake?

So as we enter unchartered waters as a company with us relying on the knowledge, experience and professionalism of  our dedicated army of bakers who are supporting us along the way, we are excited by this new development- whilst our main focus will still aim at the gift market and the huge opportunity this is presenting as the public realises there is an alternative to flowers- and a beautiful edible bespoke one at that!

Naked cake above available in Swindon


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