Thursday April 28th 2016 | 14:00

Watermarks…Yes or No?

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So there’s always a debate that goes on as to whether businesses should watermark their photographs, of course with everything there are pros and cons to doing so, so we thought we’d do a little blog on it.

There is absolutely no sure fire way to stop people from stealing your photography on the internet but watermarks can be a deterrent. You have to think carefully about what type of watermark you want to have though.

Image of types of watermarks

As they say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so when trying to sell a product having a watermark going over the entire picture can somewhat ruin the experience for someone, perhaps when selling your cakes you might want to use one of the alternative ways to watermark.

Now I’m not a professional photographer by any means so to put the text on these pictures I used a programme I downloaded in the windows store called “PicsArt” free of charge, which enables you to place text or pictures onto another image and also alter the opacity which is great. Its really simple to use and very effective.

Deciding whether to watermark your photographs is a personal decision only you can make, so if you do decide to use a watermark heres a few tips:

Image of type of watermark


Perhaps put a watermark in the bottom right-hand corner on a low opacity.

Use your watermark as a frame around your image

Image of type of watermark

It’s a great way to incorporate your company name into the pictures and can look quite artistic.

Why not list you url as a watermark

Image of type of watermark

There’s nothing to stop you from directing people straight to your shop Mums Bake Cakes portal if they want to see more of your work.

I think ultimately the hope of using watermarks is that it keeps people honest, there’s nothing worse than working hard on baking a cake only for someone else to try and take credit for it.

It is however very important that you do ONLY use your own photos on your bakers portal. There are apps and websites that allow people to search for a specific image to see where it’s being used on the internet so its very easy to check these days if the cakes are your creation.

Ultimately it really is your decision, have a play around and see which style works best for you.

Happy Baking!

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