Thursday January 12th 2017 | 09:23

Valentine’s Day

two hearts one red one white with true love in them for Valentines Day

Why do we leave it so late???


Every year….14th February….Valentine’s Day….It’s not a surprise (it’s even my Mum’s birthday so I have no excuses!).  Yet every year men around the country can be seen creeping around card shops the night before, trying to find that perfect card which will make their partner smile.

Thousands of men sitting at the opposite end of the couch ‘pretending’ to look at Facebook or You Tube when it fact they are trying to source that ideal gift, ALL wishing they had done this weeks ago.

Gentlemen, the time is now.  Head over to for an edible alternative to flowers.  Not only do you get the lovely surprise as one of our bakers hand delivers a beautiful cake or even a cupcake bouquet, but you also get to share in the tasting.

Here’s a small selection from around the country…….

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