Tuesday December 3rd 2019 | 12:25

The 12 most elaborate, unique and incredible cakes of 2019

The 12 most elaborate, unique and incredible cakes of 2019

What a year it has been for our bakers. We have tasked them with fantastical, witty and even architectural cake briefs! And wow have our Mums Bake Cakes bakers delivered.


We’ve rounded up 12 of the most elaborate, unique and incredible cakes. Let us know in the comments below which blows your mind.


1. Anyone for Fish and Chips? We couldn’t quite believe this is cake!

Created by:  https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/fresh-cakes-newquay5

2. A Wedding Cake fit for a Prince and his Princess!

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/toriscakes

3. Such a fun creation and the message on the cake board warms our hearts! We bet Matt was spoiled on his 30th!

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/merely-jane-s-cakes

4. Bringing a much-loved character and story to life in this Mary Poppins cake…perfect in every way!

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/cakestoolicious

5. A cake to make most children’s birthday complete. This cake looks so realistic it could pass for a toy!

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/crooked-halo-cakes-and-makes

6. An icy scene that’s utterly adorable and full of fun details

Created by  https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/anitabcakes

7. Greatest showman meets cake! Fit for a children’s birthday or themed party

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/take4

8. Classic and elegant, exactly as a Ruby Wedding Anniversary cake should be

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/fresh-cakes-newquay5

9. A much-loved character from TV for a much-loved character and Delboy in your life

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/sprinkles-cakery

10. A chilled bottle or cake? This realistic gin has proven popular with the G&T trend!

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/emma-s-cakes/

11. A popular cake on our social channels is this Egyptian pyramid cake

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/cupcake-creation

12. When men will be men, there isn’t a better themed cake than mates enjoying a nice cold one

Created by https://www.mumsbakecakes.co.uk/store/crooked-halo-cakes-and-makes


Choosing just 12 was very difficult and every single creation that our bakers create are truly appreciated by us and our customers. For more showstopper-worthy cakes, take a look at our Amazing Cakes 2019 board on Pinterest.

Which is your favourite Mums Bake Cakes amazing cake of 2019? Let us know in the comments below.