Wednesday July 1st 2020 | 08:14

Support Local businesses

christmas shopping under COV-ID rules

Support Local Businesses- They need you

 Too early to think of Christmas Gifts?

We thought so too- until we ventured to an out-of-town shopping Centre at the weekend!
Shopping Habits have changed for now with many people recognising their individual impact when buying local and the added benefits both in their own communiities and the quality received.
Have you tried the new way of shopping yet under Cov-id 19 rules and regulations of not only social distancing, but where you are unable to try on items and window shopping is the new way of queuing to enter the shops?
Whilst walking round an out of town shopping centre, all I could think about was I hope this is sorted for the Christmas shopping days,as both the shops and shoppers will find this an ordeal just too far.

With people looking to support local businesses more now, and the new way of shopping I have decided to look for alternative gift solutions for Christmas and ways to support independent businesses whilst also being thoughtful with my gift and my budgets.
Knowing how small businesses work, I have decided that I need to plan ahead to help them too. These small businesses can't just create something on Christmas Eve, they need to plan to have the stock, raw material ingredients etc. and under current conditions I am sure they have just as much trouble as the rest of us sourcing materials and ensuring deliveries on time.
So I am currently researching my Christmas gifts and will look to continue to source locally where possible.
Obviously working with Mums Bake Cakes, I will be searching what is available for my family to have delivered by their local bakers, what unusual treats are Christmas specials and already looking at Christmas cakes, and Christmas puddings as gifts, with homemade chocolates, brownies, cookies and many festive treats.
Some of our bakers are currently sourcing items for their christmas hamper selections and we are excited to see the varieties they are working on at the moment.
Our bakers are also looking at ways to work with other independent businesses with a view to supporting each other- keep an eye out for the new additions as they come in-  as we will love to share what is available in your area and across the UK for gifts being delivered to your family and friends.
Take a look here how independent businesses working together to supply Rose Lovers ultimate Gift set.
Our Artisan bakers are all registered, complying with UK Health and Hygiene Laws ensuring the safety of the food supplied. They will be delivering locally, or able to post some items again you will be supporting indepedent businesses across the UK.

So if you are looking for some Christmas Gifts this year, why not consider Christmas Cakes, Christmas Puddings and tasty Christmas hampers for something different.

Contact us today and we will let you know as soon as the bakers have their Christmas cakes and Christmas Hampers ready to view.
Order Globally- created and  delivered locally by our Artisan Bakers!