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Spotlight on our Bakers

Spotlight on our Bakers

Baker Spotlight!

Working with our talented, amazing bakers we realise how lucky, as a company we are, to be working with teams across the UK who care about their customers. We'd like to Introduce Louise Burchfield from Cheltenham who runs Frangipani Cake Creations. Orders received from around the world are directed to our bakers who are closest to the destination of the cake or cupcakes you want to have delivered. So looking for a gift for someone in Cheltenham Louise delivers in her local area. So let's find out a little more from Louise.

My name is Louise. My favourite thing to do is bake and I have been doing it since I was a child - one of my favourite books growing up was "Jane Asher's Party Cakes" and I used to pore over the pictures marvelling at how beautiful and clever the cakes were!

It wasn't too long before I was starting to decorate cakes for family members and friends, at only 18  years old, my boyfriend's mother asked if I would make their wedding cake, so I borrowed a book on sugar flowers from the library,  sought out my local cake decorating shop, chatting to the ladies for advice, and a new passion was born!

I spent the next 15 years making wedding and celebration cakes for friends and families whilst working as a Wedding Co-ordinator at a very popular venue, but when my children came along I couldn't commit the time needed to do my job, so I decided to set up my own business to allow me more time to spend with my young family.

Frangipani Cake Creations was started in late 2018 and I initially focussed on weddings, my original area of expertise. At the beginning of 2020 I was so excited to have 12 wedding cakes on the books for my first proper year... and then the pandemic struck!

Realising that surviving as a small business in Cheltenham, without any weddings, I needed to adapt to survive, maximising on my skills,  I adapted to making beautiful cupcakes and smaller celebration cakes.

Introducing a Cheltenham cake maker with a diverse range of baking skills, adapting to the 'new lockdown life' of a family at home, and adapting to a new way of getting my cake business noticed - I found Mums Bake Cakes and liked the idea of accepting orders from around the world, and delivering in my local area.   

Within a week, I was up and running and accepting orders through the site with a steady stream ever since. My business has grown massively since lockdown, pivoting to change what I can offer to my clients. 

Focusing on quality and creating some amazing bespoke birthday cakes, together with promotion through Mums Bake Cakes, which has resulted in now having multiple cake orders every week - this year is definitely going to be busy!


I am so grateful I took the plunge and went ahead with Mums Bake Cakes - my business has taken off, and it has allowed me to design and make some beautiful orders for lots of customers - I love my job and I love seeing people's faces when I deliver them a box of cakes (often a surprise gift) - it's just the best!

Thank you to Louise for sharing your story, and your sheer passion for baking shines through! Some amazing birthday cake designs, on your site and we look forward to continuing to support you and your local cake business In Cheltenham.


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