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Spotlight on our baker -Victoria

Spotlight on our Baker Victoria

We love hearing about our bakers and their journey to becoming a professional baker

Take a look at 'Cakes by...V' from Colchester below:-


I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, to British parents and moved to the UK when I was 24. I had a pretty idyllic childhood with memories of long Summer days; warm weekends surrounded by family and friends and then the thundering rain and African thunderstorms on a corrugated iron roof in the winter.

Although the UK is now my home; I seem to have kept a very slight South African "twang" that keeps people wondering if I'm Australian, Kiwi, or from somewhere in Africa.


I have always had a love for being in the kitchen and getting my hands dirty.

I started baking with my Mum and Gran when I was very young, When I was old enough to be in the kitchen on my own - around 8 years old - I'd be in there for hours creating different bakes and treats. It was then that I realised how good it made people feel when they were presented with something that I had made myself.

My parents weren't overly enamored with the mess I created, though! I remember one of the first "treats" I made was for my parents on a weekend morning.  I decided to make them breakfast in bed; so made toast and then made their hot drink - HOWEVER - I wasn't allowed to use the kettle, and also wasn't sure if they wanted tea or coffee. SO - being the resourceful soul that I was, I opted for the hot tap - it was lukewarm - and a spoon of coffee granules, with a teabag popped in for good measure. Did they want sugar? I wasn't sure - so a good heaped spoon of sugar went in and milk? No clue! So milk went in as well, reducing the tepid water to ambient!

All options were covered! And I sat there - watching them - a pure delight on my face; it was revealed years later that they were both gagging on my offerings, but masked it well!

When I left school I studied and became a Chef until I had to change career direction due to developing an allergic reaction to acids in foods. I then went into Product Development and when I moved to the UK in 1994 I secured a job in Harrods. I worked my way up to being Head of Food & Drink Product Development for Harrods. Anything with a Harrods label was created by me (in conjunction with the Buyers of each area of the Food Halls).

After having my 2nd child; in 2001 I decided to focus on the family and left Harrods, but the desire to work was too strong for me, and I started my own Photographers Agency from 2003 until 2010. As we specialised in Celebrity Portraiture; Advertising and Fashion campaigns, not one day was the same. I would be producing an Ad Campaign in London for Sony, whilst booking flights for a Celebrity Portraiture Feature in New York; as well as trying to arrange a driver for another Celebrity to ensure they arrived at a shoot on time.

I fell into Cake Design after my daughter - Alex - asked for a cake for her friend's Baby Shower. She was the driving force behind me starting my Cake business and is still one of my biggest supporters.

I was largely self-taught and spent hours watching YouTube tutorials; until I decided to have some lessons to try to get some finesse in my work.

I feel that I am constantly learning and never want to stop learning so you will often find me zooming in on other Cake Designer's work to try to see what technique has been used or watching a video on repeat until I understand a process.

I heard about Mums Bake Cakes around June of 2018 and have been with them ever since. The team is SO supportive, professional, and just a pleasure to work with and are constantly working with me to build my business. MBC make the Cake Designer their priority and listen to what we are saying, but are also on hand to offer advice and direction if I am ever unsure.

I wouldn't have had the extent of client base without their support and always love the message "Please check your bakers portal for your new order" emails.

2020 during the lockdown, my son - Olly - took over managing my media, as he felt what I was doing was too "old" and didn't target the right audience for me.

With my daughters' support and my son ensuring the right target market was reached the business has blown up!

I am still constantly looking to increase followers and build my client base (so please like, tag and share!!); but the reward for me is having clients come back again and again and have stayed loyal to me since the start.


A huge thank you to Mums Bake Cakes for being selfless in supporting each and every one of us.

To see more of Victoria's designs, delivering around Colchester and Chelmsford take a look here:- 



Kindest Regards