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So you really want a cake?

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Skills not as good as ideas?.......suggestions but not sure ?........

So you think you can design this?............and you got this…………..

You asked for this…………and you got this…………………………

There is NO shame in asking for help when you need something done professionally……

As with many industries, ( tiling a bathroom, washing a car, completing tax returns) we all seem to think we can do it to a certain standard, and perhaps begrudge paying someone else for a skill that we feel we should have the capabilities to complete. However, throughout the UK industries have set up, exactly for that reason, that not everyone has the training, skills, patience or passion to complete a task to a high standard.

  • Take Hairdressing- I can use scissors, but I wouldn’t attempt to style my friends hair!
  • Take a Driving test- I can drive, but I wouldn’t attempt to teach my children to drive to pass their test!

So, why do we all think that we can actually do something that professional cake makers have tried time and time again, have tested recipes they have adapted, completed training courses and demonstrations, endured epic fails behind closed doors, and are perfectionists with both designs, texture and tastes. Bakers who are passionate about baking and have turned this passion into a business.

As with all professionals you get what you pay for- and you’re paying for the skills that have been learnt and tested over time.

So what should you ask before commissioning a cake maker- regardless of the price you want to pay- even for an order of 6 cupcakes, you should be asking the following of your cake maker as they will be proud to show they are legitimately trading:-

  1. Are you registered?- This will ensure their local environmental health department is aware of them trading, and they are conducting their business adhering to UK regulations.
  2. Are you insured?- This will ensure all eventualities are covered.

What does the baker need to know from you?

  1. Date required? Many bakers book weeks in advance ( especially Wedding cake makers)
  2. Design idea ( if you have one)/ colour/ flavour preference?- The more intricate the design, the more time, expense and ultimate cost .
  3. Number of guests/size?-Bakers can gauge servings and will advise size to suit servings and avoiding wastage.
  4. Where cake to be delivered to? This will determine baker of choice, and time to deliver/set up.
  5. Realistic budget?- You pay for what you get- sharing a guide to a budget allows baker to return realistic designs, and will often offer cheaper alternative.
  6. See MORE HERE about registered bakers - all bakers on Mums Bake Cakes are registered.

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