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So the saying goes ‘What did the Romans ever do for us?’

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-Sanitation, Roads, Medicine, Education, Health……..

So, what will Mums Bake Cakes do for me?

Whether already running a successful cake business or looking at the possibility of starting one- Mums Bake Cakes can offer you the ability to increase your profits- reduce the administration headaches allowing, you the bakers the opportunity to concentrate on baking!

  • Orders are being received from around the world people wanting cakes and bakes delivered locally in the UK these are passed at speed to bakers in the areas requested
  • Bakers choose when they want to accept Mums Bake Cakes orders and have 12 hours to refuse an order
  • Bakers receive coverage from an international audience due to Mums Bake Cakes international marketing campaigns
  • Bakers can reduce ‘downtime’ by accepting orders created through Mums Bake Cakes
  • Bakers set the price and choose delivery area
  • Bakers receive discount cards to issue to recipients, together with delivery and ingredients cards
  • Bakers are guaranteed payment on confirmation of delivery as payments are collected by Mums Bake Cakes, when order placed by the client
  • Bakers have a unique URL and therefore able to direct own customers to Mums Bake Cakes page to avoid their own costs for website/credit card charges etc.
  • Bakers decide acceptable price and minimal quantity accepted
  • Consumers choose by seeing a product and asking for slight variations, these conducted through site initially and once order processed details passed to baker to liaise.
  • Bakers able to distribute own business cards when delivering Mums Bake Cakes order to enhance their business locally.
  • Commercial contracts purchased through Mums Bake Cakes are invoiced directly and have no effect on bakers, as Mums Bake Cakes deals with all VAT implications with corporate clients.
  • Support of Mums Bake Cakes sales and support teams to aid a speedy resolution to any issues, website understanding and support
  • National and international marketing campaigns across all social media channels, UK exhibitions and major influencers, press and media.

Currently, for a limited period, Mums Bake Cakes has removed the joining fee for the site. With over 6000 visits to Mums Bake Cakes in March 2017, the speed of interest in this website is increasing and Mums Bake Cakes is working with support teams to ensure we are delivering the highest possible service to both bakers and consumers alike.


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