Monday April 23rd 2018 | 13:54

Should you have sent a card?

Selection of birthday card, thank you card, congratulation cards

Should you have sent a card?

How many times in the past 12 months should you have sent a card or a simple gift and perhaps the occasion just passed you by?

We’ve put together a list we can think of - Can you think of any others?




Someone ill or in/out of hospital

Loved one in care home to show you care

Saying Thank you

New Baby arrival

Baby Shower

Mothers Day

Fathers Day





Congratulations -exams / driving test




New Job


Valentines Day

Teachers Gifts

Child at University

Just because

Why not make someones day and send them a cake or cupcakes, a great gift for someone to share!


As a company have you ever wondered what you could do to improve customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction


What about cakes on a Friday just because!

Thank you to customers and staff

A gift for a family member who puts up with the late nights/ extra work ( wouldn’t it be great if you knew they were a Vegan and arranged a relevant Vegan cake delivery to the family!)

Sorry to staff or customers


Baby Shower

Leaving or Promotion

Ideal for marketing- to get a message digested!

Thank you for a contract


A cake delivery is a great cost effective and thoughtful way to really get your message digested and understood !