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September Newsletter- Great News of a discount for BAKERS



We are delighted to announce we have negotiated a great discount with Sprinkles + Co. The UK's No.1 supplier of cake decorations and sprinkles. We are happy to share this with you.....please click on the link below to see what's on offer.








As we go from strength to strength, you will have noticed many international sales coming through the site. Please share this concept on your Facebook pages too, as many of your friends will have family and friends across the UK and you could be helping another local baker in another city gain some much appreciated sales.

Lets work together to educate the public ‘There is an alternative to flowers!”





We are always on the look out for PR opportunities, so please let us know if you know of any celebrities or film crews on site in your local area. We are always on the lookout to where we can place our cakes. We will always include press releases in front of them (.....throw enough mud…and some of it will stick!)

We only need one cake to go viral and the world will know more about our services!!!


Make the most of your site
Always tag us in your pictures and deliveries, please remember to share your photos with us and we will publish them on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook



Have a look at your page and see it from the customers' point of view.

Why not test your page to see what the customer sees??

Click 'Order' from your page and complete what the customer would type in. When you get to the payment page just click 'Cancel' which will take you out of the order. This will give you a clearer idea of what customers see and what they might include.


You will have noticed that we are active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest please ensure you are following us on these channels as this will help continue to get the message out-that there is an alternative to flowers when sending a gift!
Did you know you can add your Mums Bake Cakes page to your Facebook to allow customers to buy straight away? You just need to add your MBC page URL.

To add your URL follow the instructions above to copy your URL then.....

If you use iPhone/iPad/Pages manager app

🌟Go to your bakers page
🌟Click on Page Settings
🌟Click on update page info
🌟Paste in your bakers shop URL

If you are using Facebook page via your laptop - Google/Chrome etc.

🌟Click on settings top left /three dots ... top right hand side
🌟Click on edit settings
🌟Click on page info
🌟Paste your bakers shop URL


Please remember to forward copy of insurance to us at time of renewal. If you are assessing quotes from alternative insurance companies, please feel free to try:-




If you have any questions, or want to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us at where we are always happy to help.

By working together we can make business work better for all of us:
bakers, customers and recipients!

Paula and Richard




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