Thursday February 16th 2017 | 15:01

Random Acts of Kindness…

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A couple of months ago, I popped into an restaurant just as it was about to close on my way home to order a takeaway. The restaurant is quite remote but does some of the best food around. While I was waiting a couple of young guys came in asking where the nearest garage was. It turned out there was a group of friends (students) returning from a night out, I think there were six of them in the car. They had run out of fuel.

I offered to take them to the local garage, for some reason they were surprised at my offer, but accepted. I drove them about 5 miles to the nearest petrol station. They had been able to cobble together £3 for petrol!! (don’t we all remember those days…!)

I liked them, they were polite and very grateful for the lift. At the petrol station, I bought a fuel can for them and filled it up. About £15 I think. Certainly less than the cost of my take away. They were really taken back by my gesture and genuinely grateful. I wanted to do it, it was the right thing to do and I asked them to do something similar to someone else when the opportunity arose.


Random acts of kindness don’t necessarily have to have a monetary value, but the value to both the giver and the recipient are much greater than we realise. I went home with a real sense of happiness, not sure if they were as happy but at least I know the petrol got them home!!

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