Monday October 4th 2021 | 09:56

pre-order Birthday Cakes and cupcakes for local delivery

Why do we ask you to Pre-Order birthday cakes and cupcakes?

Birthday cakes-Celebration cakes-Cupcakes- Gifts for all

Our bakers are REAL people, creating from orders received- They plan, prepare ingredients needed, designs required, petrol tank full! and deliver on the day required.


For busy events like Diwali, Christmas, Halloween, Mothers Day, Fathers Day etc. we need your help! 


They don't hold cakes for days on end hoping someone will buy them!

Therefore please help us to help our bakers...pre-book and experience the difference of a registered, professional baker...

baking fresh..delivering locally ....just takes a bit of help and planning from when you order.

Thank you- you won't be disappointed!

To understand how our business started and our support for professional registered bakers Take a look here:

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