Thursday January 5th 2017 | 10:21

National Baking Week tips……

Tip and hints for bakers

A few tips from our fabulous bakers


We were approached by a Government team for some bakers to supply ‘top tips’ for national baking week and gained additional coverage through this.

Here are some great tips from some of our bakers…..

From the trial, errors and a lot of learning from every bake orders Gone out from my kitchen, my tip would be.....


Add a tablespoon to double cream and milk each to your cake batter to get that extra moist and fluff in your 



Replace butter in your biscuit recipe with a dairy-free spread, It will reduce sat fat content. If there’s no milk or eggs mentioned this will also make it vegan.


Make or cut holes in biscuits to decorate them instead of using icing. This reduces excess sugar use. Get creative!

Cookies from conscious confections

Clare Neilson


When making a Victoria sponge it is important that the flour, fat, sugar and egg ratio are all the same. i.e 4:4:4:4. So when baking with eggs of different sizes make sure that the amount of egg is the same weight as the other ingredients (out of the shell of course!) e.g each individual ingredient weighs 4oz. Sorry not in metric measurements!

Cakes from Abdara Homemade

Sue Everett Abdara Homemade


If your cakes are cooking more on one corner chances are it’s because of the heat emitted from the light inside the oven. If your oven allows it then switch off the light, otherwise you can make a ‘cup’ with silver foil to fit on top of lamp

Minion cake from Rania the Cake Fairy


Hope these help and if baking still isn’t for you then you can always buy one from our amazing bakers at

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