Tuesday February 25th 2020 | 05:24

Mother's Day gift ideas

What to get Mum for Mothers Day

A thoughtful Gift for Mother's Day?

Each year, it gets more difficult to buy a thoughtful gift for Mum, as Mums don't expect the gift to be expensive, just thoughtful. The right flower in a bouquet to show you have listened over the years, a card made with the handprints of a child, some words in a poem thoughtfully constructed together. The simple things in life will often make the biggest impact for Mothers Day. Our Mums really do know if the gift has been hastily bought from the garage en-route!  That 'uncanny' knack of knowing more than we thought she would!.

Recently chatting in the office we realised that our new Dads, weren't quite as prepared for the New Mothers Day in their lives! These new dads have all previously quite happily bought their mums gifts throughout the years- whether flowers, chocolates or cakes- they have always surprised their mums with a thoughtful gift.- often quite last minute if they're honest!

BUT this year the dynamics have changed and as a New Dad they need to consider their NEW MUM as the little one can't do it for themselves!

So what do you get for a Mum on Mothers day, as we started to discuss all the ideas that are likely to be enjoyed by mums across the world.

Often it's the demonstrative gestures that will be best received. 'A Lie In', 'lunch made', Breakfast in bed, A suggestion of a walk together instigated by your partner, 'ironing completed' a task that has been 'nagged' about just being done...these gestures going a long way to showing thoughtfulness and care to a mother.

Will you be away from your Mum This year?

Many of us will spend Mothers Day away from our mums, and the idea of a gift is harder to change year after year. The same flowers, the same card, or the last minute Amazon prime can always help us out.

But have you considered with a little notice having gifts delivered for Mother's Day, that might actually be a surprise, enjoyed and devoured!

This year why not treat mum and have her gifts delivered in the UK and make that gift special to her?

Mums Bake Cakes is the ONLY national company where you can order cakes online and the cakes will be delivered by hand from the baker that made them!         

Have you considered having cupcakes delivered to your Mum, where she can share with family or carers and enjoy Mothers Day for days to come. 

All the cakes delivered include an ingredients card and a message card where the bakers will write your message on the card for your mum.

As the cakes are created fresh from the orders received, they can be personalised to your mums favourite colours, include your mums favourite flower or why not have some tasty flowers in the form of a cupcake bouquet? 


Many of the cakes can be created to cater for all allergens whether Eggless cakes, Vegetarian cakes, Vegan Cakes, Gluten Free cakes, Coeliac cakes, Dairy Free cakes, Lactose intolerant cakes, and Halal Cakes- depending on the area our specialist bakers can adapt recipes to cater for intolerances and allergies. Please do just ask.


But what choices are available?

Pop in the postcode of your Mum and see what selection the bakers in your area have on display-

  • If you see something you like - order it  and adapt the cake to suit your mum, choose your colour scheme, choose your flavour, and write your message to you mum.................How amazing is that!- a Bespoke cake with a personalised message
  • If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please email ask@mumsbakecakes.co.uk and we'll help find what you are looking for

Can I personalise it?

  • Yes, when checking out please add your mums favourite colour, favourite flavour and wherever possible the bakers will adapt the design to suit your colour scheme and adapt the flavour.- a baker will always contact you if there is a query.
  • If you wanted something special on the cake ( a personalised figure and photo etc.) please email ask@mumsbakecakes.co.uk and we can check whether there will be any additional charges before you order cakes online.

         What cake ideas are there

  • There is such a wide variety even our bakers can't load all the choices and they have loaded just a small selection available. We have listed some designs below but the list is endless! and many of the bakers can create amazing designs just from your imagination!
    • Cupcakes - batches of 6, 12, 18 or 24 cupcakes or more.
    • 8 inch cakes, 10 inch cakes, 12 inch cakes with various designs and iced
    • Buttercream cakes in various sizes
    • Drip cakes in various sizes and various toppings 
    • Cupcake Bouquets
    • Cookies and biscuits
    • Cake Pops
    • Sweets
    • Chocolates -hand made
    • Scones
    • Every Day cakes - such as Lemon drizzle, chocolate cake.

What Flavours are available?

  • Many of our bakers create amazing flavours and flavour combinations and by searching your area you can see the diverse range of cupcake flavours and cake flavours available . We have listed the most popular flavours here
    • Vanilla Flavoured sponge
    • Chocolate Flavoured Sponge
    • Lemon Flavoured Sponge
    • Red Velvet Flavoured Sponge
    • Carrot Flavoured Sponge
  • With many alternative flavours available such as strawberry, Coconut, Coffee, Orange, Walnut 
  • With many alternative fillings and frostings to choose from such as 
    • Jam and Buttercream
    • chocolate or fudge
    • Cream cheese

How do the cakes gets delivered?

The Mums Bake Cakes bakers all deliver in their own 5-10 mile radius and therefore are aware of their local environment and areas , delivering all cakes within a hygienic box, and each cake is delivered with an ingredients card which lists the ingredients in the cakes and will also carry a personal message from the person who ordered it.

All bakers are fully registered with their local environmental health teams and this has been checked by the team at Mums Bake Cakes, all bakers are fully insured and therefore ensuring they comply with all UK health and hygiene Laws.

So, fancy being different on Mothers Day this year? Want a truly unique gift that will make your mum smile!