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Looking for an unusual marketing campaign

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Looking for an unusual marketing campaign?

Marketing teams are often asked for their ideas on how to achieve greater brand awareness, generate cost-effective sales leads, increase conversions or launch a product.

The answer is often the same: Be different, be ‘out there’ – BUT keep to budget!


We thought we’d take a look at some unusual marketing ideas that do indeed generate a lot of interest - and in some cases blow enormous marketing budgets!


Branded Transport

We were amazed at the simplicity involved in arranging a BUS which is branded and driven around the area; take a look below at how this company branded the X-Factor bus, as well as many others. Offering both single decker and double decker buses - which have all been converted for use for promotional roadshows – is a great way of up- cycling! Whether for visibility whilst the bus is driving around or for hosting an event on a bus, the support teams below really do seem to have extensive knowledge and understanding of the ‘tricks of the trade’.

Hire a bus to get your message out:


Ever thought of a branded taxi whether advertising locally, nationally inside or outside the cab? A great network of cab drivers would welcome the additional revenue streams. The teams below will help to advise the best method for you for both your sales/awareness message together with the demographics of people that are likely to see it.

To see more details here



With so many places to look to advertise, whether in an Airport, on the London Underground or on a Billboard, the list of possibilities is endless. There are many advertising teams around the country who can support your desire to get a message across, and we found this one below who have a full selection available. Who’d have thought there was so many choices on the Underground?

Take a look Here at some of the ideas created by ooh International



Would you consider doing a mailshot or is this really ‘old hat’? With many people being bombarded with emails and being on their mobile devices so much, it’s actually quite refreshing to receive some post! But if the post doesn’t grab your attention the minute it lands, then this is a lost opportunity.

Here’s some great tips for direct mail marketing:


Launch Party

Planning a product launch or thank you event for some clients, key customers or staff? The theme and invitations list can cause major headaches, ensuring all needs are catered for and the right message is displayed. Who would have considered holding a foam party for client? 

With some more amazing marketing ideas below:



Magazine Advertising

Some of the Top advertisers in magazines are the household names we all recognize: Tesco, Unilever, Chanel, Asda, M&S and Next. With magazine media reaching over 38 million adults every month, you can see how the Return on investment can look favourable if you want to get the brand in front of ‘eyeballs!’



Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

The idea of using a blogger/ social media influencer is new to many companies, and the prospect of entrusting your brand to a complete stranger is a daunting one. However, their influence in the market is increasing daily, and no brand wants a bad review! How many times have you shopped online yourself and looked quickly at the reviews?

Some great tips can be found here on helping you plan and find the right influencer to help promote your brand:


These reviews can really drive product sales and therefore many brands are now turning to good copywriters in house or looking for external brand ambassadors. If you’re considering using a blogger/influencer to help promote your brand, it’s imperative you find the right one, and the list below you should give you some ideas:



We have spoken to many corporate clients over the years, whether in previous roles assisting with marketing and advertising campaigns or more recently helping key marketing departments and advertising agencies with incorporating Mums Bake Cakes in their overall strategy.

Teams are recognising that their clients are looking to support local businesses across the UK and are using a one-stop shop like ours to complement their existing marketing strategy. This approach not only creates great results, but also ticks many other boxes!

Thinking ‘outside the box’ and exploring alternative ways to promote your business can really help your business stand out from the crowd. By using a service such as Mums Bakes Cakes to get your message across, you’ll be supporting local businesses, reducing your environmental footprint and delivering your marketing message in a way that just about anyone will enjoy! After all, who doesn’t love a slice of cake?

Want your message ‘digested!’ contact ask@mumsbakecakes.co.uk and lets see how we can help you support independent local bakers from your Head office!


Recent testimonial received from a Christmas Campaign on behalf of a corpoarte client.

I can't thank you and all the bakers enough for this, the feedback from every client is fantastic 😊 couldn't have done it without your out of this world organisation. Feels good to have them all wrapped up!!! 


So whatever your marketing strategy, there are teams across the UK who specialise in all areas of social media, print and interactive design who can help you tell your story in a meaningful and memorable way. Be clear. Be concise. But, above all, ensure your message is DIGESTED!



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