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looking for a bespoke cake

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5 things to consider when looking for a bespoke cake

5 things to consider when looking for a custom made cake


When looking for a cake, many of us have grand ideas and designs in mind and often don’t understand the time taken to create such masterpieces and therefore the inevitable cost. To help you decide whether a bespoke cake is needed we have put together some things to consider


1) Have you seen a design that you like and can just explain the changes you would like to the cake you’ve seen- therefore baker can work on enhancing the design and quickly put together a quote for you


2) Remember you pay for what you get, if you’re having a haircut you can pay £10 , but if you’re having highlights, cut by the salon owner and using top class products you would expect to pay a top price- by using a professional cake maker this is exactly the same – you pay for their expertise and time they have spent developing their skills


3) Check that the baker has created something similar or used the techniques before, we’ve all seen the creative nightmares and the best bakers will have practised their techniques numerous times prior to putting them up for sale.


4) Check your baker is registered with their local authority, the bakers will have registered with their local council and are abiding to UK health and hygiene regulations.


5) Ensure you inform the baker of any allergies, as many omissions to a recipe can change the texture and taste- specialist bakers will have adapted these recipes through many taste tests and design adaptations.


Once you have decided that it is a bespoke cake you want here’s the top 5 questions your baker needs to know

1) What date do you need the cake -Give the baker as much notice as possible. Remember a bespoke cake whether 3D carved cake or a mechanical moving cake or a well designed creation with figures which need time to set, whether a celebration cake or wedding cake these take weeks of planning.


2) Where do you need the cake delivery to arrive or are you arranging collection- remember if the cake has some tiers many bakers will set this cake up at the venue. When transporting a cake always use the footwell of a car, and drive carefully. Professional bakers are used to driving their cake to various destinations. If you decide to collect the cake the responsibility of the cake will be yours from the moment you leave the bakers premises- any damage after this will not be the responsibility of the baker


3) How many you expect the cake to serve- by explaining how many you want the cake to serve the baker will advise on the best cake for you, often cake slices can vary but bakers will base the servings on 1”x2” sizes or 2”x2” sizes, and cutting the cake is ideally used to cutting in the ‘grid’ style shown here.


4) Quote agreed and payment due. Once you have decided on a design the baker will quote for this and will explain what you can expect for the price. Remember when purchasing a bespoke product ( engraved trophy/ personalised watch etc.) you would be expected to pay the full amount prior to creating it. Bakers have to ask for similar conditions, as much of their work is created, purchased prior to the date and other bookings will have been refused to allow time for creating your cake. Your professional baker will explain their conditions with you.


5) Although cakes can be created in various flavours, many of the bakers have adapted recipes for unusual flavours, ask for their advice as many tiered cakes can have different flavours and textures to incorporate everyones taste buds. You can also ask to order vegan cake or order gluten free cake.



Most bakers have turned to professional baking after many years transforming recipes and testing cakes on family and friends, eventually taking the plunge to turn this passion into a business. Therefore bakers are proud of their creations in cake, often going above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Their reputation is important to them and their businesses. There is a finite amount of cakes that a baker can create in a day, so respect their time and dedication they have given to your cake. Wherever possible give feedback for the baker and encourage friends and family to use their services too.


BUT, what if something does go wrong? 5 points to take action

If you have a complaint about the cake that you have received- immediately contact the baker to allow them the chance to rectify the situation. In my experience the baker would have already contacted you should they have identified an issue, however if not act responsibly and follow the 5 points below;-

1) Immediately contact the baker and explain issue- understand who you feel is at fault ( If you have transported cake incorrectly this will NOT be the bakers fault) It is very easy for professional bakers to identify how a problem has occurred – emergency stop/ sliding off knee/ dropping etc.


2) Take photos of the cake from all angles to show how and where either damage or design is unacceptable


3) Don’t eat any of the cake until you have made contact with the baker and sought guidance from what to do next


4) Allow baker chance to rectify situation and be realistic in expectations – bakers create individual cakes and do not create thousands of cakes per day, and therefore profits are minimal on all cake sales


5) Feedback should reflect the ‘whole’ situation and how it has been dealt with overall and how customer satisfaction was obtained.



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