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joining mums bake cakes

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Thinking of joining Mums Bake Cakes?

Bakers.......thinking of joining Mums Bake Cakes?
Thank you for continuing to follow our journey, and we hope you will join us in the future at a time that suits you. Many bakers across the UK are benefitting from additional orders, and please feel free to take a look through our Blogs and you will see we post some of the cakes that go out onto our pages. Most of our sales, are being received from an international audience- where our bakers are delivering in their local area. Fancy taking orders during some quiet times- please feel free to take a look at the site and join our team.

As a special thank you for following our journey We are pleased to announce that we have negotiated a great discount with Sprinkles & Co. which we are happy to share this with you…just click on the advert below.

Whilst registration is free why not take this opportunity and start to load your information.
What can you get from us?

International website with marketing, supporting and changing buying habits across the world. We have just completed an advertising campaign in Asia, Australasia, and Europe where we have introduced the concept of cake delivery to expats, military and people on holiday who may have forgotten to arrange a gift before they left.

This proved successful this year, with many international orders created and hand delivered across the UK by our local bakers. Would you like to receive orders that you deliver within in 5-10 mile radius which have been paid for from other countries?

Take a look how easy it is to Register your cake Business in the UK. HERE

Understand why it is so important HERE

Take a look why some cake businesses are SO busy here's some Hints and Tips




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