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Is your child going off to College/ University?

Is your Child Going off to College or University?


How do you feel?

Happy? Worried? Mixture of Both?

Emotions have indeed started to run high ever since the child you have nurtured has had their place at college/University confirmed.

Pride at their accomplishments coupled with the sadness and realisation that your child is now going out into the World.

Many describe the feeling as similar to watching your child attend their first day at Primary School- nothing compares fully, as the child at school will be collected later that day!


The inevitable day arrives of safely delivering your child to the Halls of Residence, preceded by numerous preparations and a roller coaster ride of emotions- will they cope? can they cook anything? What to take? What not to take? Money concerns? Friendships? Accommodation? Settling in? Food Parcels? The list is endless.

However, for the parent leaving them at their new home, the realisation that life will NEVER be the same again is both exciting and also daunting.

Life away from the child leaves time for families to re-adjust this lifestyles, with parents looking at ways to adjust their own relationships and begin a new chapter in their lives.

Children need to still feel included and often the ‘clearing out’ of their old room- perhaps to rent out for much needed additional income for college fees, can sometimes unsettle a child as they still need to feel they have a ‘bolt hole’ to return to.

There are support teams and networks to help your child settle into college life with some great tips here which has many helpful tips and advice being used by numerous students across the UK.

Keeping a link with home comforts can sometimes help to settle the nerves, a food parcel a thoughtful treat from the family can remind students that you are thinking of them, and can often keep spirits up in times of change.

When helping your child settle in, why not arrange some cupcakes or cakes they can share with friends?- have them hand delivered by the baker that made them! Take a look at for delightful treats just ‘like your mums used to make!’.

  1. Enter the location of the college/university

  2. Choose cakes/cupcakes from the baker who is local to them

  3. Complete the message you would like given to your child

  4. Baker will hand deliver to your child.



Extra brownie points for you- cakes! Tasty! Local (minimal mileage- supports Green issue)

Can be arranged Anytime-special occasions- or Just Because!

Remind your children this is a great way to get gifts back to family and friends by using your postcode and your local bakers to deliver! Don’t forget to give them the Birthdays List!

Most people reflect fondly on their time at University/ College and we hope they’ll fulfil their dreams and enjoy the experiences they’ll encounter

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