Friday October 30th 2020 | 14:31

How to support UK Businesses

Supporting UK Businesses Now More than Ever!

Ever wondered what the importance is of using


It's only a Cake surely!

What is the Best before Date of your flour?


Something many people question, but if you saw what 'hoops' the bakers have to jump over to ensure your cake/cupcakes are fit for human consumption- you would understand the value and worth of a registered baker!

How do you store your flour to ensure it stays safe to eat?

What temperature is your fridge? When did you last check it?

Do you have 2 washing facilities when preparing food?

These are JUST SOME of the checks a registered baker would have to undergo daily and get assessed for

from the Environmental Health teams across the UK to gain a Food Standards Rating.


The bakers have daily records printed out, products labeled showing date bought, and use-by dates.

Thorough clean downs of the whole kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. Utensils checked for wear and tear. Waste disposed of adequately and within county guidelines. Knowing the ingredients IN the ingredients- being aware of any allergens in food. 

Take a look here at the Safer food better business information here for caterers, and you will understand what our bakers have to go through- this is to ensure that all food supplied is safe to eat.

It’s so satisfying to know that our environmental teams ARE looking out for us…

but we do need to look out for ourselves too.


Having worked within this industry for 5 years now, it is such a lovely industry where the registered bakers really do support one another- just like learning to drive, they have all been there- worried about the hygiene inspectors, worried they are charging too much, worried that the customer's expectations have been met, worried that transporting the cake and a dozen roundabouts don’t cause the cake to topple! Worrying that the taste is as the customer expected, and worrying that they gain a great review to encourage other customers to try them too.

Trying to build a business that is sustainable for the family to enjoy treats and not just working for peanuts, training, and re-training to learn new skills to be able to charge a little more for their creations. Adapting to trends from naked cakes, to fresh flowers ( ensuring they are safe to use when near food!), from cupcakes to drip cakes, from cake bombes to macarons.

The bakers test all their methods and taste test with family and friends, trying new ingredients as it’s not always right the first time. Clean down, sterilize again, and start again. From there they will champion social media pages, encourage local people to buy from them, answer quotes, and thank customers for their orders.

What they then hear is…but it’s only a cake! That too expensive! A friend down the road can do it for half the price!.......

Are you happy to buy from an unregistered baker down the road, at half the price? – Do you care what hygiene standards are adhered to? Do you care about cross-contamination? Do you value customer service and someone that has trained, tested, and mastered their skill?

Do you want legitimate local businesses to survive? – because WE DO- and we are promoting them internationally to gain them business from abroad- from people who DO care that the baker complies with UK Health and Hygiene Laws. People who don't want to take risks for loved ones far away.

Would you say to a hairdresser, but it’s only a pair of scissors? Or a hotel room- It’s only a Bed? You are paying for the skill behind the end product, the attention to detail, cleanliness and professionalism, pride in their work.

Our UK registered bakers are an industry to be proud of, small businesses abiding by  UK laws and providing an amazing service- remember when the cake comes out- so do all the cameras! When you send a tasty treat, it is an unusual gift that is enjoyed, shared, and talked about for days to come.


Be different- Be bold- Support UK bakers- Understand they are also supporting UK businesses as they buy packaging from local suppliers, eggs from farmers, you’ll often see them at the farmer's markets too if there’s a cake sale for a charity they will usually be there too!

Now they need YOU….more than ever!