Tuesday February 7th 2017 | 11:07

How nervous was I?

Red car

How do you bakers do it


As co-founder of Mums Bake Cakes, I have always experienced all areas of the business as it has grown to really understand all aspects of the business and to ensure we are meeting customer demands at all times.

Just last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing delivering a cake to a customer. One of our professional bakers baked this for me ( as I really do not have the baking skills of our talented army of bakers across the UK),  and I embarked on a 15 minute journey to deliver to the recipient. …Well!!!...

How do bakers do it?- from the minute the cake was in the car- I turned into a nervous wreck!...no car was allowed within 30 yards of me…. 8 miles an hour felt incredibly fast with such a precious item….where did all the speed humps come from- do I go over at a speed of 8 mph or should I go slower?....did the cake just bounce?....why is someone driving so close behind- don’t they realise what I have in here?...Oh no!...a roundabout did the cake just move?...’sharp left at the end said the sat Nav- sharp  left?...now I’m in a pickle….hold onto the cake and steer?..down to 4 miles an hour and starting to ‘bunny hop’… phew calm roads- now a train crossing to go over…so many bumps….eventually the sound of ‘you have reached your destination!...phew…..only I now get it out of the car and need to present it to the customer.

When I open the box – I have never felt so relieved to see it all in one place- not moved- all secure!.....and the giant grin on the customers face- made it all worthwhile…well nearly!

That was 1 delivery…how do the bakers do this day after day…..hats off to you all!


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