Tuesday February 16th 2016 | 14:24

How do we say thank you here at Mums Bake Cakes…

Thank you text written squiggley


We were very lucky recently to have Stephanie Chapman, a local photographer, come in and help us give you some top tips on photographing cakes and making sure they’ll look amazing for you on the site and to say thank you we of course got in touch with one of our fabulous bakers registered on the site to send her a little something to say thank you.

Here’s what Stephanie had to say… “I did some work for a new company called Mum’s Bake Cakes recently and I just had this delivered! A delicious gluten free chocolate cake from one of their members ‘Simply No Gluten’. I have some friends coming round tonight and we will be tucking into this! Thank you so much Mum’s Bake Cakes! A delicious surprise x”

That really is the whole point here at Mums Bake Cakes, we want people to think outside the box and not always have to send flowers or chocolates.

Make sure you check out Stephanie’s 5 top tips for photographing cakes.

Happy Baking!

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