Monday January 23rd 2017 | 14:07

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to ……. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday candles

We are all now allowed to sing this!!!


But up to 2015 this song could potentially land someone in court with hefty fines to pay to Warner Music who claimed they owned the copyright to this song, but finally a judge in the US has decided it is Royalty- Free – so any films and programmes made now, are now allowed to use it- without it previously costing them dearly- an estimated $2 million in  royalties were reported to have been collected each year from singing this song!

From the early turn of the 20th Century this song has been in existence with the introduction of candles on a cake coming much earlier, possibly from the Ancient Greeks who believed  the smoke carried their prayers to heaven- thus us now making a wish prior to blowing out the candles, could stem from this!

Is it your birthday today?

You share your birthday with around 19 million people around the world. With late September and early October being the ‘peak’ months for birthdays.


What do you get the man who has everything? What do you get a teenager? How do you celebrate a ‘big’ birthday- 40? 50? 60? With many more people reaching 100 what gift would you get?

More and more people are looking for the unusual, the ‘environmentally aware’, the ‘just what they wanted’ sort of gifts, with many companies now looking at ways to attract you to the bargains, the ‘never been done before!’ or the experience days types of gifts!

One thing in common on birthdays is cake! And here at we have a plethora of cakes on the site, whether cupcakes to be shared, a Barbie cake, or a ‘manly cake for the man in your life! Take a look at whats on offer and plan a gift of a cake for someone you can’t be with for their birthday, or ‘fake it’ and use a professional baker to make it for you- designed just the way you want it.

Here’s an example of some of the favourite treats already created by our bakers!

We hope you have a fantastic birthday! 

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