Monday December 18th 2017 | 06:18

family friendly business

four christmas elves from a christmas decoration for a tree

A Family friendly Business- Here's to 2018

As we approach the most exciting season for children -Mums Bake Cakes has taken the unusual step of closing for bookings from Friday 22nd December until January 2nd. Some special birthday cakes and pre-arranged tasty treats are being delivered but we have taken the unusual step of not allowing orders to be generated over this festive time.

I say unusual as many large and small shops are open and enjoy a festive 'rush' at the end as their items are all in stock and on the shelves.

Our bakers bake fresh from when an order is generated and don't like to let people down, bakers go out of their way for customer satisfaction, often adding extra treats, bows, sprinkles even an odd extra cookie here and there! Their businesses thrive on customer satisfaction and repeat orders, so they want everyone to enjoy what has been created and enjoy hearing feedback about thier cakes.

Many of our bakers have family themselves, as well as our own office staff who also have family- therefore we aim to be a family friendly company, so to demonstrate this we will not be taking orders for delivery after 22nd December until 2nd January unless these have been previously arranged. 

For all the hundreds of customers  that used our services over the past year, may we THANK YOU for using Mums Bake Cakes, enjoying our cakes, supporting our bakers and returning time and time again as we celebrate your events with you! We hope we can continue to  help you next year to celebrate your many family occasions that are inevitable!

Here's to a Wonderful 2018 to all our customers, our amazingly talented baking community, our wonderful colleagues and to all our friends and family. Thank

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