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Elation or devastation - The Chicken or the Egg?

paula and richard founders of Mums Bake Cakes

Elation or Devastation? The Chicken or the Egg?

Starting out on the journey 3 years ago, I didn’t expect many of the experiences I have had. Most have been great experiences which I look back on with fond memories but some have been scary, stressful and a true roller coaster of a ride!

I’m sure all business owners have felt the same at some point although many of these emotions can be felt within a couple of hours from elation to devastation and returning to elation , digging deep pulling on your own personal strength to get through to the next part with the hope and vision that we are doing the right thing!


Starting the journey with our bakers has been amazing, realizing the bakers have embarked on a journey themselves into the unknown hoping to create additional income from a passion they enjoy, whether fulltime to have the opportunity to stay at home with the children, or part time whilst holding down a career in another profession, or as a career choice- fulltime having studied with this goal in mind- whatever way the bakers have found baking is their passion, I am daily more impressed and in awe of the skills they possess.

All the bakers specialize in their own way often through a need that has arisen in their lives- whether a baker enjoys intricate detailed designs or slowly creating masterpeices of sketches, or photos they are given and turning these into amazing cakes- taking hours of detailed design and an ‘eye’ for the intricate details that will make all the difference to the clients, or bakers who have had a personal need to create allergy specific food and have investigated recipes and tested different combinations to create their perfect cake for a specific intolerance or need, to bakers who enjoy simplicity but often with a twist, whether in the unusual flavour combinations they have tried and tested or the designs they have created. These bakers have all had unique experiences which have moulded their way of working in this industry. With many hours spent testing, trying, tasting and training which ensure the cakes they produce are not only great to look at but taste amazing too!

As the teams of bakers begin to know each other in their respective areas, often they are in communication to support each other creating the community we always craved would come when we put these teams together. A comaraderie in the baking community with the client central in his need. Where bakers are unable to deal with an enquiry or order due to family or work commitments a community of bakers will offer to help to ensure our client is assisted wherever possible. This is happening more and more across the UK, as the teams realise this is a great way to work together. This industry of fully registered bakers who are not competing for work, as the sales come through based on the postcode area and the most local baker to that area- with specific orders coming through based on the skill level of the baker.

Speaking to our bakers and understanding their reasons for setting up their businesses is often found in their personal Bio’s on the site, giving a true insight into their lives, and we have been welcomed into these bakers lives, and are thankful for their honesty and assistance- many bakers wanting to just work school hours, part-time on the cakes due to other commitments, and over Christmas we took the decision to close the site for bookings to allow all our bakers the chance to spend time with their families.

We don’t profess to be perfect, we know where we can do better and we are striving at all times to do the best we can. We are astounded with the amount of positive feedback we receive from customers who have used our services and who have gone on to purchase time and time again through the site, using different bakers and returning for their next gift of cakes to friends and colleagues.


This concept has woken up the gift industry, with a realization that you don’t have to courier gifts from one end of the country to another or from the other side of the world. Find the local business and let them help you out- we have just made it simple for people to find the local business in the area they want the gift- our highly sophisticated website makes this easy for a customer to buy!


The ‘chicken and egg’ scenario!

When starting out on this journey, we had to look at getting bakers to join our service, as we couldn’t advertise to customers until we had something to show them! Then getting customers but only for the areas we had bakers! Our philosophy has always been to gain customers from overseas who have family in the UK and want to have a gift of cakes delivered in the UK, or family who live apart in the UK. We don’t compete with bakers, we are opening new markets for bakers to tap into.

Ensuring ‘Google’ likes our site, has been another journey that was new to me when setting up. Google rates your site based on who uses it, whether it delivers on what people are looking for, that it is secure and ultimately can be trusted. All of these areas we ranked high on the overall Google rankings, only they also throw in that sites that have a history with them, which obviously we are creating a 3 year history now, but only time on the search engines, would help our ranking here- and now with national coverage, over 18000 cake sales and 3 years on the site we are seen as a credible site that google is constantly crawling for great content.

We do have the largest choice of cakes of any site in the UK.- probably the world!

Take a look here at our journey from the beginning


So as we embark on this next stage, and more sales are coming through the site, we are constantly sourcing bakers to join our teams to help us cover the increasing volume of cakes sales which are growing daily. With now over 20% of orders are generated from abroad for family here in the UK- a truly unique market for our UK bakers to tap into.


Here are some of our comments from our bakers:-

Working with Mums Bake Cakes, has been a good experience for networking with new customers. Great for gaining more business and income. Payments are always made as soon as you have reported delivery of orders. I would definitely recommend Mums Bake Cakes to other bakers, for both business and income increase. Management are always helpful and very professional in all they do.

Malina Walsh -  Scrumptious Creams

  1. have really enjoyed working with Mums Bakes Cakes and appreciate the extra business it has generated. After the initial set up of my page and ingredient lists the process has been very efficient. Everything is detailed as to the customers requirements and as soon as delivery is made and notified the payment is automatically transferred to my account, it couldn’t be simpler. Cupcakes have been the most popular items ordered to date.I am very happy working alongside Mums Bakes Cakes and would recommend other bakers to join the team.

Angela Cassidy - Annabels

Working with Mums Bake Cakes is great. Paula and Richard are lovely and they always try their best to make things easier. The best thing about the site is that I get to fulfil orders which I won’t normally get on my own, like when I made a Barney Rubble cake. Payments are made promptly as soon as cakes are delivered and, most of the time, while I am still on my way home. Thank you. Since I started with Mums Bake Cakes, I got to do quite a few of vegan and gluten free cakes and I am getting better and better at them which is great, as I wanted to specialize myself in different types of cakes for a while but never had the opportunity before. I would recommend Mums Bake Cakes to any baker who’d like to get their business to another level and expand their clients list. I have even received an order from America!

Silvia Ruggiero - Sylvias Cake shop  


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