Wednesday October 31st 2018 | 10:40

Don't Risk it! Check it out!

Don't risk it! Check it out!

Whether you're eating at a 5* Michelin restaurant or your local 'Greasy Spoon Cafe', buying from your Local Farmers Market or getting a cake made by a local  baker-  all establishments who supply food for consumption have to adhere to UK health and hygiene Laws and these are checked by our environmental officers across the UK.

The Food Standards Agency supply ratings for these places ranging from 1-5 ( 5 being the highest) across England and Wales with a 'Pass' being awarded in Scotland and Ireland. These environmental teams ensure these food establishments adhere to all guidelines for storing, cooking and serving food whilst also ensuring they are able to trace their ingredients.


Whether your booking a simple cake for a friend, a wedding venue for hundreds of guests, a corporate event where caters are assisting you, or even corporate cakes as gifts- all the bakers will be proud to show their registrations. All venues can be checked here and as a company we have checked every single baker on our site to ensure they are registered with the Food Standards Agency.

Don't risk it!

If you're looking for baker to deliver your cakes, do ensure you have checked your baker out- Let us take the mystery out of it and order through us today, knowing we have checked out every baker on our site and you can too! We supply you with the company name of the baker so you can check their status too.

Order here with confidence.