Tuesday April 11th 2017 | 10:32

Do you say thank you to the people who work with you?

Thank you written with balloons in the sky


In our busy world where every minute of every day is packed with crises, another problem to solve or another pound to be made, we often overlook the great work done, on a daily basis, by those that work with us.

It is often palmed off as ...

” they’re just doing their job….” or

“it’s what they’re paid to do…”

but rewarding those around us can have amazing results.

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So how can you recognise and reward, not necessarily outstanding work, but that person who day in day out delivers exactly what they’re supposed to??

Let them park in the best parking bay for a week?

Come in an hour later tomorrow? That extra hour can make such a difference.

Allow them to leave an hour early after they’ve been talking about that night out they have planned?

Post-it on their screen, saying well done and explaining why. It doesn’t cost a thing and will be a lovely surprise when they arrive for work in the morning.

Or even cupcakes….the world loves cupcakes…..


Lastly, just say it. Everyone likes to be told they’re doing a great job and generally ends up with smiles all round. You never know sometimes giving is as good as receiving and you’ll feel good too.



It’s easy to nothing so…..go on be a good boss, do something today….you might like it!

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