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Cupcakes delivered across the UK

Did you think a cupcake was a 'blob' of buttercream on a little cake?- Take a look here!

If you're looking to order cake online for Delivery 

Mums Bake Cakes has the answer!

Understanding how Mums Bake Cakes works is quite challenging as we have bakers across the UK and they all deliver in their local areas. Our unique marketplace of professional bakers means we can almost satisfy all the cupcakes needs we can think of.

Birthday cakes and cupcakes delivered to your door couldn't be simpler!

So if you wanted to arrange birthday cupcakes delivered to a friend in another part of the UK, you pop in the postcode of your friend and the website will show you all the bakers who arrange cupcake deliveries in that area. You select the cupcakes that best meet your requirements, chose the date you would like the cupcakes delivered and our baker will deliver on the required date.


Your friend will get to meet the baker as all our professional local cake makers deliver within approximately a 5-10 mile radius, so wherever your friend is, we usually have a baker in their area, so you can see the tasty treats on offer and your friend will meet her local professional baker.


So what type of personalised cupcakes would you be looking for?

Did you think a cupcake was a blob of buttercream on the top of a little cake? Look at some of the designs below that our bakers have recently delivered.


When looking through the cupcake selections you can often personalise the designs, choose your flavours and all will be delivered with a message on the card. Don't forget to let us know what message you want on the card when you are checking out! The ingredients are also listed on the card detailing all the ingredients in the cupcakes delivered.


Some of our bakers do specialise in allergy and dietary specific cakes, from Vegan cupcakes, Gluten Free Cupcakes, Eggless Cupcakes. Dairy free cupcakes and Halal cupcakes- although it really depends on the area that you want the cupcakes delivered to, for which of our bakers create the specialist cupcakes. Our speciality bakers do book up well in advance so, if you have a special dietary requirement do contact us as early as possible so we can secure the date for you.

So what sorts of designs of cupcakes are available?

For childrens parties, the chance to arrange cupcakes that can complement  the main cake have seen some wonderful designs with mermaid cupcakes or unicorn cupcakes are always a favourite.

For adults the chance to have a cheeky alcoholic cupcake is often a great gift for a family member, whether through a gin and tonic or a rum cupcake, although prosecco would surely be a favourite for a celebration. Why not try us today!

Logo Cupcakes for events or corporate cupcakes can be designed with budgets in mind. For the high end image conscious businesses,  corporate cupcakes are designed to ensure the edible logo is preserved from disintegrating and presentation of the logo is uniform across the UK by placing the corporate logo on icing discs, and these can be boxed seperately being ideal as a corporate gift, or supplied in larger boxes ideal for events such as exhibitions and launch events where the cupcakes will last and maintain their professional appearance.

To ensure uniformity across the UK, Mums Bake Cakes involvement ensures minimal deviation from the brief from the client- from cupcakes cases being 'on brand', to logos being the same size/colour and specification, to ribbon being the same width, colour shade and quality- the co-ordinated deliveries are planned, communicated, deployed and confirmed with the client every step of the way. Some clients supply a 'sales message' 'invitation' or 'christmas card' and each baker will deliver this message with the cupcakes. A great way to get a message truly digested!

For a bespoke corporate service please email ask@mumsbakecakes.co.uk and let us help you


As each delivery of corporate cupcakes arrive at their destination they are delivered by hand, an ingredients card is delivered with each box, together with a relevant message, if required, delivered alongside each box. 

For a smaller budget, perhaps for a staff treat the uniform cupcakes can be supplied in corporate colours, or with an edible logo or a mixture of flavours and textures to compliment any occassion. By arranging cupcakes the marketing teams can cater for many varied dietary requirements.  Contact us for more information.



A Special message cupcake is often used for very special events. Maybe declaring the gender of a child often created pink or blue on the inside with a vaiety of colours on the outside and revealed at a gender reveal party- we have often been involved with the long distance reveal of the gender- where the granparents here in the UK have cupcakes delivered by hand from their local baker, with a family member in Australia  who had ordered the cupcakes awaiting the 'skype/facetime' to reveal the gender together.

Sometimes the messages of sadness have to be portrayed and we have been involved with many heartwarming family moments, often with cupcakes of Thanks for the amazing work of our national health service, and the true thankfulness of patients and family members, unable to think of something appropriate the gift of cupcakes with a thoughtful message has been warmly received by many ward nurses and doctors.

What is a Normal Cupcake- these days? Obviously our bakers will always create the 'normal' ever popular flavours of vanilla, chocolate, and lemon flavours, but the new kids on the block include flavours from America, such as Cream Cheese topping, or Swiss cream topping with a fantastic range of flavours, testures and toppings giving you the most amazing choices across the UK


A favourite gift of cupcakes, often comes in the form of the cupcake bouquet, where the cupcakes are deisgned to look like bouquets of flowers and the flower cupcake bouquet can be created in a range of different colours. These bouquets hold cupcakes from 7 cupcakes, to 12 cupcakes or 19 cupcakes, truly a delight to receive a gift of cupcake flowers that can be shared by all.

So if you were looking at arranging a gift of cupcakes to a friend in the UK we can help make it an easy process.


1) Pop in the postcode of your friend

2) See the selection and choose 

3) Personalise the message

4) Await the amazing Thank you, you will surely receive once the cakes have been delivered.


If you're looking for a Birthday cake, Baby Shower or looking for a bespoke cake do contact us as we're always happy to help.

We thought we'd show you a fun way how the site works take a look below:-