Thursday April 30th 2020 | 04:43

Cov-id 19 Thank you for the thoughtful Gifts

Thank you for the Thoughtful Gifts

Do you live close to Family/ friends?  If not spare a thought for others!


We wanted to take this opportunity to Thank our customers both New and Old who are continuing to support our UK bakers across the UK.

Throughout this difficult time for our country it has amazed us to see the sheer numbers of customers coming through to our site. With over 35,000 visitors a day to the site, and growing every day  these are unchartered waters for us and we appreciate the international support we are receiving.

 Daily we are seeing such heartfelt messages being relayed to our bakers to be included on the delivery cards,

From messages of support, to concern, from happiness and joy to thoughtful times,

looking forward to the future with hope

The 'Keep Going Carry on!' messages

Many customers have taken the additional step of re-contacting our teams to express their sheer gratitude to be able to make someone smile, feel loved and feel cared for. Thank you for the feedback it really is apprecaited and so lovely to hear of the 'zoom' events  and how our cakes and tasty treats have helped to lift spirits. 

Our bakers have checked with their environmental officers for guidance to continue, as the teams already comply with UK Health and Hygiene Laws expected of them with their inspections from the Environmental health officers  and have implemented  additional safety measures for contactless deliveries, with many bakers turning  to postal tasty treats  where they are able to limit their time at the post office.

New customers trying our service for the first time, Thank you for arranging a gift across the UK, and please do contact us again for future gifts across the UK, as we hope to have more bakers back with us again, once the lockdown is easing and our country returns to normal.

Remember you can continue to support local businesses through our portal, which has been here for over 4 years! Now you’ve found us and enjoyed our service- let us continue to support your gift giving across the UK next year- and support our local bakers.

Thank you to our postal teams who are working flat out to create and arrange the posting of the tasty treats, relying on a courier service or Royal mail and tracking their deliveries- these teams are having to come off the site from time to time to allow them to re-stock, thank you for your continued support with ensuring the messages of love are delivered intact.


From grandmas to grandchildren to keep up the studies, from wives to husbands isolated in care homes,

from sons to mums far away, celebrating birthdays alone, missing new born children and 1st birthdays

Our teams are feeling the love and strains across the UK.


If you live close to your family and friends and can see them from a far, spare a thought for the millions of people whose events have been cancelled where they would have been seeing long lost family members, and whose family are locked down elsewhere in the UK.

Our best wishes to you and your families.

Thank you.x