Thursday September 10th 2020 | 10:00

Christmas Gifts for Family and friends

christmas cookies to colour in with edibles pens

Christmas Gift Ideas .....ALREADY?

So why are companies advertising

Christmas with over 100 days to go?


You might previously have been a 'bit of a Bah Humbug' and not relished the thought of the celebrations of Christmas with the inevitable family visits and gift giving, however, I think we are all now hoping that the Xmas cheer this year doesn't disappear! With UK restrictions tightening with the Covid Crisis, the uncertainty floods back into our Lives again.

Thinking of the small and large businesses who have muddled through, struggled on, survived, adapted and generally found ways through the pandemic under extreme circumstances, now more than ever YOUR SUPPORT is critical to help these businesses survive.

Even Blackpool have extended their illuminations to help their businesses elongate their season and many retailers have decided to market their Christmas items now. Christmas is usually the 'icing on the cake' for retailers but this year will be a case of survival for many.

Our bakers have joined the march on Christmas, we have to purchase Flour for every item we we need to plan and prepare how many items our bakers can physically bake! So the orders for Christmas have already begun! We have some very organised buyers, who have decided to avoid the shops for now, have ordered online for cookies to be delivered Xmas week. 

For friends and family that live local to you, look at ways to buy local to you, deliver the gift by hand- respecting social distancing at all times.

For family and friends far away,  Can you help the environment too?

Why not arrange a thoughtful gift created in the UK- reducing the carbon footprint.

Think of a gift that doesn't use plastic- reducing the use of single use plastic.

Look at a way you can support the UK economy- all businesses in the UK need your help NOW.

Although you can't deliver by hand- why not let our bakers deliver the christmas gift by hand. Order gift online and let us deliver for you.

Why not consider any of the following 'home grown ideas'

Look for an experience- Buy a train ticket for a trip to somewhere special. A Theatre ticket to support our theatres. Cinema tickets to support them and have a family day out.

Novelties made in the UK- Aprons crafted here/ Facemasks created in the UK

Food- Christmas hampers, Vegan treats  Sweet Xmas hampers- of cakes and puddings, Gluten-free cakes, Christmas cakes, Cookies as gifts to decorate for children, Christmas homemade chocolates  the list is endless!

For Christmas cakes which can be posted check this out here 

Our bakers across the UK are uploading their Christmas treats, so please show some support this year. Our bakers deliver by hand across the UK and we have some bakers who are able to post some items. So take a look and place your order as quickly as possible. We all know the 25th December- but it always seems to creep up on us! This year more than ever please take time to plan ahead.

 Support Local bakers across the UK from wherever you are in the world- we have checked all our bakers are fully registered complying with UK Health and Hygiene Laws. Order cake online early to avoid disappointment- giving our bakers time to plan in their deliveries.

Looking for that solution- what to get? How to get it delivered? Wanting to support UK Local Businesses?

Take a look here:-