Friday November 12th 2021 | 14:36

Christmas cakes or Corporate Gifts- we have the answer

Local Christmas Gifts

Want to support Local Independent Businesses? But want an easy solution?


Mums Bake Cakes has the answer for Christmas cakes for Grandma to Corporate Brownies for the staff or Xmas cupcakes for Clients!


A One Stop Solution!


Working with hundreds of local bakers across the UK, we hear of many customers wanting a baker near me!  Often not knowing a local baker that creates eggless cakes, or a Vegan baker that can deliver locally - customers use our services in the knowledge they can order online, pay by credit/debit card safe in the knowledge that Mums Bake Cakes is supporting local bakers and customers receive an amazing level of service.

For many of our customers that live further afield, whether an Auntie in Australia wanting to arrange cupcakes for Bournemouth or gender reveals via Zoom from America to family in Manchester. Our international customers enjoy the chance to spend the money on the gift of cupcakes, or cake, cookies, brownies, or macarons, rather than on shipping costs! Knowing they have arranged a  thoughtful, bespoke gift.

Our corporate clients like the concept too! Some clients like the cupcakes and cakes to be EXACTLY the same and we ensure that the bakers used work together to ensure uniformity where possible- whilst still utilizing local bakers to reduce the distance gift travel.

Other business clients, like the idea of 'bespoke' unusual gifts and, will allow us to use various local bakers to their depots,  to deliver similar items, but bespoke to the teams. Catering for allergies, preferences, life choices, and intolerances- our teams work with clients for the best solution for all.

Some corporate teams want to send thank you items like brownies, cookies, and hampers to teams across the UK, sometimes one item to many locations and sometimes many items to one location.

We love seeing how major corporate companies are finding ways to support local businesses with a little help from us!


So whether you want a bespoke Christmas Cake for Grandma, some cookies that can be decorated for the children, a birthday cake that happens to be on Christmas Eve, or teams can help make Christmas a special time of the year. Edible advent calendars, hot chocolate bombs, beautifully decorated chocolate orange. A thoughtful, bespoke Christmas Gift, that will be remembered forever!

Our 'Elf on the Shelf edible treats' are around again this year!! But you'll have to find him first!!

Get in touch and we'll be happy to help