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Christmas Cake

christmas cake showing nativity theme on the top

When should I make a Christmas Cake?

So when do you start making your Christmas Cakes?


Having spoken to many bakers, the plans are underway with the making of Christmas Cakes. If you’re planning to make your own, ideally End of October would be the final date for creating a masterpiece which can be ‘fed’ alcohol throughout November and December to ensure a rich succulent cake is eaten over Christmas.

But what tricks do we have to make a wonderful cake.

1) Wrap the cold cake in double greaseproof paper and foil storing in a cool place

2) Feed the cake with a little Brandy or Rum at regular intervals between November and December

3) When ready to decorate heat the jam to help the marzipan stick to the cake

4) Warm the marzipan by working it with your hands- cover- and leave to harden

5) Using Fondant Icing or Royal icing will depend on the texture you wish to create- leave to harden, before adding final decorations.


All of this takes meticulous planning and preparation, with buying the quantities of dried fruit required to the soaking of fruit either with alcohol or non-alcoholic cakes. Ensuring you have the right tins available, the lining paper and cool place for storage. Remembering to continue to feed at regular intervals, whilst planning the design required and final decorations- put on at the last minute whilst wrapping presents and attending Christmas parties!


Ever thought of making Christmas just that little easier this year? You could buy a cake from the major supermarkets? Or why not arrange for a Christmas cake as a gift for someone?

Why not fake it- and have a home-made Christmas cake delivered to your door?

Our bakers need to do all of the above to ensure you get the Christmas cake you’d like, so they are taking orders NOW for cakes, to ensure they bake the right amount.

1) Take a look at

2) Input the postcode where you want the cake delivered to

3) Choose the cake and check out- it’s that easy!- that’s another Christmas Present off the list!

Fake It- Gift It- Book it now!

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Can’t see what you’re looking for? email quoting the postcode area you would wish the cake delivered to and we’ll contact our bakers for their Christmas cake designs.


Christmas Cakes in Swindon see an example of Anita’s cakes below:-


What to know how to get the most slices from each cake follow the attached guide to help you out.HERE