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November month written

Chocolate feast


Well it has been very well reported lately, about how chocolate bars are reducing in size- but together with the evidence that shows the public is getting ‘slightly’ larger, is reducing the size such a bad thing? I suppose the chocolatiers had a choice- increase the price and maintain the size- or reduce the size and maintain the price- clearly Size doesn’t matter for chocolatiers!

Recently reported in more detail in the where they have fully investigated the reduction in the chocolate bar sizes

However, have you considered the chocolate bars that have also been replaced or removed…..

Do you remember ?- Gambit? Nutty Bar? Welcome Bar? Mint Cracknell? Caramac? Banjo?

Many biscuits are now turning into the chocolate market- Have you seen Oreos’ entering the chocolate aisle from the biscuit aisle.

Picture of chocolate bar shortcake biscuits……what do you think might be next?

What ever your preferences, many of our bakers have exceptional skills in creating a chocolate sensation for any occasion.

Someone returning from a stay in hospital and perhaps just needing a ‘little’ pick me up- why not arrange a homemade cake- hand delivered by the baker who made it- what a lovely gesture to have a smiling face delivering a lovely cake or cupcakes.

Do you have an elderly family member in a care home- why not send a cake which they can share with their friends and staff in the home- something special that can be shared.

Give someone you love- something to share!

Do you have a family member in Leeds? Fancy a mini Chocolate Gateaux just for 2 people Hand delivered by the baker who made it!



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