Thursday August 27th 2020 | 08:17

Celebrations under Cov-id restrictions

wedding cake - 3 tiers of naked wedding cake

Have you noticed when the cameras all come out?

Ever noticed that the cutting of the cake is always the time when everything stops and photos are taken?

With big events cancelled, smaller weddings and celebrations are still taking place under COVID rules and regulations, and our bakers are adapting the cake sizes to ensure there is enough for everyone- a little bit left over for those who want seconds- but avoiding wastage too!

Congratulations to the happy couple in London this weekend who managed to tie the knot.

The wedding industry has suffered this year and with many weddings postponed to next year, together with those who planned to get married next year anyway, the industry is set for a very busy time! With many sporting events being rescheduled also - 2021 looks set to be a very busy year, a time where our country can start to heal and come together to celebrate personal events and cutural, sporting events too.

Our teams of bakers have already got many dates booked for 2021 from postponing from this year, so whatever your next planned event for family get togethers in the UK, you would probably be best to organise and book for these events now.  Many smaller events are able to take place now and our teams of bakers are able to adapt the cakes to suit the amount of guests.

For mothers day cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes all made bespoke, to your requirements our bakers are excellent at advising and designing cakes to your specifications. If you need to order gluten-free cake or vegan cake, often they can modify the recipe per your request. All bakers comply with UK Health and Hygiene Laws, and registered. Order cake online today and let us make your event extra special!

Take a look at the cakes on offer in the area you are celebrating with 100's of bakers in all parts of the UK,

we're the only company offering a UK wide service.

Delivered to your door, whether a holiday home, family address, or hotel venue our teams know their local areas so the price you see advertised includes delivery, as the bakers are based in those locations.


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