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Cake Business in The UK

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Cake makers have a Great Reputation- Let’s ensure it stays that way!- Let’s ensure customers ask- bakers proud to display your registration information.

This information COULD have a bearing on taste and quality of the cakes you order!

UK- Food standard Agency- set guidelines for Local councils ( environmental officers) to adhere to:-

Reputable cake makers have registered their business with their local authority Environmental Health teams and can be checked with the local authority to ensure they have registered.

During registration bakers are often visited and asked health and hygiene related questions, together with cleanliness, storage, transportation, traceability of ingredients and if necessary allergen information.

This is a FREE service and something anyone accepting money for cakes should adhere to, therefore anyone ordering cakes should firstly ask if the cake maker is registered.

All cake businesses will encourage bakers to register with their local authority, if they are accepting money for cakes- This is to ensure the cake making business maintains the great reputation it currently holds and therefore will not want it’s reputation tarnished in the future..

FREE there really is NO excuse. More details can be found here

And register here:- This is NOT to get confused with the UK’s HMRC

UK HMRC- This is Her Majestys Revenue and Customs-it is up to the individual/ business whether they want to declare their taxes to the UK government and will have no bearing on the taste and quality of the cake(s). It is a personal decision.

New UK Legislation allows cake makers to earn up to £1000 before registering for self assessment-

UK Insurance

Finally for cake buyers- cake makers have the choice to purchase product liability insurance- which again, is a personal choice and one which buyers of cakes may or may not be interested in checking out.

See HERE why many people order cakes and leave it to the experts!

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